Cruise 2013

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  1. I rang Louis Vuitton to find out about new things being launched she said in nov the cruise collection 2013 will be out I just googled and some pics of different almas looked fab but they also looked python and ostrich so I think might be quite pricey, has anyone got anymore Info
  2. I spoke with my local SA and she said in January new Vernis colors and also new monogram hobo and crossbody due to release. She had no names or pics at this time.
  3. Wow thanks love cross body xx
  4. Any pink vernis ? Any new cles in vernis ? Any new ebene ?
    Thanks for the heads up on the new releases ! Appreciate it !
  5. I believe these bags are from the Haute Maroquinerie line. They are by invitation and you can put a custom bag together. I think there are 5 styles to choose from and an endless line of different leathers and finishes. They start somewhere around $7,000-10,000 US.
  6. Thanks for the info twin-fun. That makes it so special... but a little hermesey.
  7. Thanks chinchin_lim. Next time I'm in London I'll have a look. :smile:
  8. That is the intent. :P