Cruise 2008

  1. Here are some picturs from the Cruise 2008
    ap_20071004114805141.jpg ap_20071004114815867.jpg ap_20071004114819495.jpg ap_20071004114822649.jpg
  2. More Pictures.
    ap_20071004114825257.jpg ap_20071004114828852.jpg
  3. And... SJP with the new Cruise 2008 bag. This bag is the Hollywood collection.

    Is she at the set shooting Sex and the City, the movie?? Anyone knows when the film is going to release? :tup::tup::tup:
  4. She looks amazing with the bag!

    Early reports are May 2008 in the States for the SATC movie release. I may well have combusted by then :biggrin: ;)
  5. Is the SJP Hollywood bag, Lambskin?? or metal mesh. It is so hard to tell from the pics!
  6. Thanks for the pics
  7. SA said it's perfo on the top layer (but not sure what material) and lambskin underneath. Hope that made sense. :p
  8. Thanks for the pix. They are shooting the Sex in the City movie in NY right now. Everyday they leak scenes from the movie in the papers.
  9. ^ wow! how much does that cost? i am eyeing on the exact bag carried by SJP!

  10. I think the flap Charlotte is carrying is the one Larkie and I saw at the SCP trunk show. It has pearls around the edges.

  11. Can't wait to see that movie...miss that show, soooo much.:girlsigh:
  12. Charlotte's bag is really nice, with the pearls around it. I wonder what the retail on it is.
  13. wow, thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks for sharing...
  15. can't wait to see the movie too!
    anyone have pics of the melrose line? heard it's distressed fabric?