Cruise 2008 patent classic medium for 1950?

  1. Hi fellow addicts,

    I know that Chanel raised their prices on Nov 1st so that a medium classic runs about 2350, but while I was at NM in San Francisco yesterday, I saw a patent leather medium classic that had the white chanel cloth strip on the bottom for 1950. I think it was from the 2008 cruise line. The SA did not know why the bag was priced lower than the normal medium bag. Does anyone know? Should I get the bag at what seems to be a great price?! This would be my first chanel handbag!!!
  2. hi there! I'd suggest you get it ONLY if you loved the bag at first sight!
    Fellow Fers who saw it said the diamond quilting is smaller than usual and the bag is really small too compared with the classic flap!In addition the Chanel logo is really loud IMO.Also I'm not sure if it's double flap !
    My honest opinion is to add some $$ and get the med/large one.Far more classic and timeless!:yes:
  3. thanks for the advice and tip. my spouse is the one that saw it and said he loved it. he brought it over to me to look at. i was a bit rushed in looking at it because someone wanted to look at it too and my 14 yr old son was getting impatient with me, lol.

    i am a little torn because from my memory it looked exactly like the classic medium but as i said i didnt spend much time with it so i didnt notice that the diamonds were smaller or that there wasn't a flap...that would explain the cheaper price, right?
  4. I must make a correction here!you're right it's not smaller than the medium in fact I just read it's bigger and longer a bit.It was actually smaller than the jumbo the Fer- who got it and returned- stated.There were other threads as well but I don't remember threads title lol maybe if you made a search under "secret label" you could come up with more opinions I guess.Hope it helps!:yes:
  5. i really love this bag, i tried it on in the store but the stupid label on the bottom bothers me. otherwise, i would def. get this bag!
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  7. I agree with Chanelspell
  8. I agree with Chanel spell too:tup:
  9. i believe the chanel bag that i am eyeing has the same sized label shown on the orange handbag. it is NOT the large label that is shown on the black handbag which sells for 1995. how many different versions are there of the secret label? i agree that the large label on the bottom of the black bag is a bit tacky and cheap but i think the size of the one on the orange one is a bit more discreet.
    SECRET%20LABEL%20patent%201.JPG ICONS%20small%20coral%203.JPG
  10. oops, here's the label on the black bag
  11. I think there were 2 secret label bags but different styles:one is the patent -which I think comes only in one size and I'm almost 100% sure of that-and the second was a fabric not leather one with a huge Chanel white logo on the front flap!the latter was absolutelly a no-no!(IMHO!)
  12. chanelspell, oh i agree that the large chanel label on the fabric is way out of control, lol.

    i went ahead and ordered the black patent and will have it by wednesday. i'm going to take a close look at the quilting and decide if i like the secret label or not.

    i was just so happy to get the medium pre price increase that i didn't notice the details.

    thanks everyone for your input. i will post pics once i have the bag.
  13. you're welcome :yes:!do keep us posted and Merry Christmas!:smile:
  14. Can't wait to see pics!
  15. Oooohhh. I love the patent leather secret label. Can't wait to see your pix!