Cruise 2008 Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Price Increase!

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  1. I just went on the Louis Vuitton website to see their pictures of the Mini Lin Croisette pieces and noticed that the prices went up ALREADY.

    The Marina PM is $1,290 (was $1,200 - 7.5% increase)
    The Marina GM is $1,610 (was $1,500 - 7.3% increase)
    The Speedy 30 is $805 (was $720 - 11.8% increase - actually I'm not 100% sure this was the price on the Speedy previously)

    I'm upset as I'm still wait listed for the Marina PM :crybaby:and my SA hasn't called me yet. I love the bag but feel a bit "cheated" now since I'll have to pay more for the same thing when it comes in. What do you guys think?
  2. OMG!!! That is crazy!!! They have only been out a few days.
  3. i don't think the prices are quite accurate on the LV website..
  4. I can't believe they increased already... I saw it just last night and it was at the regular prices.. Couldn't they at least wait a month?
  5. That's crazy!!!!!
  6. omg are you serious?
    well, then the cruise speedy is off my lin speedy, here I come!
  7. Oh no, already ... wow, they're quick!
  8. whhhhaaaaatttt!

    That BETTER not be what the speedy costs!:wtf:
  9. ALREADY?!! that is madness!
  10. I got the speedy of $750 and the Mini Lin key chain $420 (in the website, it was 450 the same day when I bought it).

    ALSO, the Grelots key holder costs me 315...but 330 only...

    Why's that:cursing:
  11. I think the prices are quite accurate either on the LV website... :s
  12. why isnt the regular mini lin speedy on the vuitton website anymore but its on eluxury.....these are permanent bags arent they?? if not im gonna cry.
  13. Yes, the Croisette Speedy was priced at $750 USD, before taxes, on Nov. 1st. I was actually surprised that the price remained the same on Nov. 1st since usually the price reflected in the Look Book is bumped up a bit for the the item's release/launch date.
  14. OMG... price increase everywhere!!!
  15. Are they crazy!?!?!!?!?!?!

    Why don't they just take everybodys first born while they're out at it? HAHAHAHA

    LV and all these luxury brands are KILLING me with these prices!!!!!