Cruise 2008 Melrose Flap

  1. Can anyone help here? I saw someone with a gradient flap with a long chain whereas I was of the impression that they only came in unadjustable chains.

    How many styles of the Gradient flap are out there? TIA!
  2. [​IMG]
    This is from personalshopper auction.
    I think you can pull one strap to make it longer like the classic flaps.

  3. Umm, I don't know about the long chain gradient flap. Neither did I see it in the look book. I have the medium size one with non adjustable chains and shopgirl bb has the jumbo with the same chain. The other design is the cabas. Hmmm... maybe she adjusted it so that the double chain became a single longer chain?
  4. yes, that's what I have been doing sometimes. I just adjust the double chain to become a single chain so it is longer and fall below your waist.

  5. With the flap bags, you can use a single chain or double chain. This changes the drop length on the strap.
  6. May i know is it leather or not? Im newbie here..Im really interested in this style..