Cruise 2008 HeadBands

  1. I know they are ridiculously priced, but I keep thinking about these. I know more colors are available, but these were the only two colors ordered for the store I enquired from.

    Did anybody buy any? If so, what do you think?

    Black Headband Chanel $975.JPG Blue Headband Chanel $975.JPG
  2. ^ how much do they cost? they look cute (but quite uncomfy?)!! i ordered the black plastic crystal headband that cory bought! hehe
  3. As seen on LiLo


  4. Yeah, I saw those black plastic headbands. The one with a lot of strass crystals retails for $875 right?

    These headbands retail for $975
  5. ^ nooopeee i got the one calisnoopy posted in her thread.. it's $195 lol! woohooo good price point, isn't it? :graucho: woooot! those chain headbands are ridiculously priced lol if they ever go on sale, i might consider... LOL
  6. I want the plastic one that calisnoopy and lady deluxe ordered. It's $195. :yes:
  7. ^ LOL :graucho: have you slept on it yet?? or are you too excited to call the boutique up! hehe
  8. Yes, but they have a version with A LOT of crystals for $875 I saw it in the Nordstrom Lookbook.
  9. Thanks, but I'm interested in the Satin & Chain detail on this one and not the plastic ones (they hurt my head).
  10. ^ oh yesss i did see that! could you post a pic of that again?? would love to :drool: at it once more hehe TIA!

    PS: according to cory, the headband is fine. it didn't hurt! i am terrible with headbands that hurt, like miu miu's. i usually buy miu miu's headbands but they hurt after a while so i never really wear a lot of them. i hope the chanel one will work out fine on my small head :s
  11. LOL. I called at 10 AM (when Chanel opens here). They don't have it yet. They don't even have the reserve books yet. :sad:

    I might just order it from Saks BH.

    I love the way it looks on Lindsay. I saw pictures of it before, but when I read the price I was in utter shock. They're really cute, but just way too expensive IMO. I've never seen them IRL.
  12. It's $895
    SS08 Headband $895.JPG
  13. missisa: LOL. yea you should!! i can hardly wait! i ordered mine from Saks Boca. i called my SA yesterday to tell him about it and then 30 minutes later, he called me back to tell me his colleague came running after him with my chanel headband that just got in and fresh from the packaging! woohoooo i got so high that i just said 2 words, "CHARGE IT!" LOL
  14. [​IMG]
  15. ^ thanks, Mon! ahhh it's pretty but i'm afraid that's too much bling for me. i'm already pretty concerned with the one that i've ordered - whether or not it's too blinged out on my little head.. eeps, hope not! i like the chain one you've posted more :graucho: