Cruise 2008 Bags ~ Anyone have pics??

  1. I cannot find one picture of the new min lin bags. I saw them at the boutique and I need to see them again...... and does anyone know the name of the palmero-like bag in the min lin for cruise? It's GORGEOUS!
  2. Pics aren't in that thread anymore ~ probably due to the server move.

    Can anyone post them again please???
  3. marina PM:heart:
    1106c1.jpg 1102m6.jpg 1103m1.jpg 1106m2.jpg 1102ma7.jpg
  4. i am in love! :heart:

    Is that yours? Do you love it??

    Thank you for the pics ~ I was going crazy.
  5. *Freetoes*
    I usually use small size bag everyday but I love this marina!!! This size is ok to me.

    When I saw those first time at the store, I fell in love the blue one (I love blue and grey!) but I have too much blue-ish color bags......and my hubby and three SAs recommended the red one!

    So I got this!!!!!
    I love it:yes:
  6. I so want a speedy in blue.

    1102round2.jpg 1102wallet1.jpg
  7. Congratulations ~ such a beautiful bag. So girly! I like that color the best. It reminds me of the Trapeze bag. Do you remember that?

    I am going to have to try it on. I said no yesterday at the boutique ~ I was afraid I would want it!!!
  8. I love Trapeze in pink or camel!!! but I don't have it....:p
    Are you going to get speedy or marina???
  9. Before I saw the marina, I thought Speedy. Speedy is my favorite for LV. Now I think I am going to get the marina. Is yours the PM?
  10. yes, PM!
    1103ma2.jpg 1103ma3.jpg 1102m2.jpg
  11. :drool: It's so gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures ~ I can't wait to get this bag......
  12. I'm still waiting for mine to come in. I'm WL but haven't heard anything yet :sad:
  13. Oh that's nice :smile:
  14. :huh:o that is so cute! i want one now lol :love:

    do you have any problems with color transferring to the white handles? :confused1: