Cruise 2008 at Nordstrom Mall of America

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America held their Cruise 2008 trunk show on October 15th. CHANEL sent several samples of pieces that will be available in the upcoming months.

    The first collection is called "CHANEL LA." This piece was created in honor of the location of the runway show this season. This piece will be available in either silver or gold. The available photo is of the silver color. The CHANEL LA bag will retail for $1,450.
  2. The next collection (which is my personal favorite) is called "Hollywood." There will be three styles available from this ligne. One small flap bag, one medium flap bag and one large tote style. All three styles will be available in either silver or gold perforated lambskin leather. The small flap retails for $2,750, the medium for $3,195, and the large tote for $3,750. The small flap and the large tote are pictured below.

    Karl's inspiration for this collection was vintage Hollwood. He wanted the bags to look like an old movie with heavy grain and texture in the film reel.
    HOLLYWOOD small gold.JPG HOLLYWOOD large silver.JPG
  3. The next collection and most whimsical of the collections is called the "Ice Cube." These bags feature a grid of PVC on top of silver. There will be three styles available at Nordstrom Mall of America: one pouchette, one classic flap, and one tote. The pouchette retails for $1,195, the classic flap for $1,650, and the tote for $3,750. Photos are available for the pouchette and the tote.
    ICE CUBE pouchette.JPG ICE CUBE tote.JPG ICE CUBE tote 2.JPG
  4. Next is the "Icons" collection. This series features classic silhouettes in lambskin leather. There is a large variety of colors for this collection including coral, white, dark blue, black, beige, and teal. The bag in the photo is one of three styles and retails for $2,850.
    ICONS small coral 1.JPG ICONS small coral 2.JPG ICONS small coral 3.JPG
  5. The "LAX" collection is the next available series from Cruise 2008. These handbags are made of lambskin leather and are meant to be travel bags. There will be four styles available at Nordstrom MOA in red, white, navy, and black. The bag in the photo will retail for $2,395.
    LAX small red.JPG LAX small red 2.JPG
  6. The "Melrose" collection is almost reminiscent of the Coco Cabas of last fall. The three styles will be availabe in either vinyl, satin, or canvas. The vinly is a gradient color that fades from white to black. The satin will be available in either blue or black. The canvas will be available in either silver or gold. Both styles in the photographs will retail for $1,595.
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  8. The next collection is really fun and will be known as the "Metallic Symbols" collection. This is a pouchette style that will be available in either black, silver, or gold. All three colors are very bold metallics. The pouchette has various symbols embossed on the leather including No. 5, Paris, and Mademoiselle. This collection will retail for $1150.
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  11. Next is the Cruise 2008 version of the "Modern Chain" collection. There will be 5 styles available in white or black calfskin leather and features a new chain made of Rhodoid. Rhodoid is a type of plastic that is used in heavy duty machinery. It is meant to be durable and extremely lightweight. Also, the logo on these bags will be patent leather. In the photo, there are photos of a tote and hobo style.
    MODERN CHAIN hobo white.JPG MODERN CHAIN tote black.JPG
  12. The "Secret Label" collection was used on the runway for Cruise 2008. One of the models had the bag attached to a dog leash and drug it across the runway. There are two styles available: one in patent and one in canvas. The patent retails for $1,995 and the canvas retails for $1,695.
  13. The final collection is called "Walk of Fame." This collection features lambskin leather with a new unique quilting. There will be two styles available at Nordstrom MOA in either blue or black. The style in the photo retails for $2,750.

    Karl wanted these bags to resemble the highway system of LA.
    WALK OF FAME large coral 1.JPG WALK OF FAME close up.JPG
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