Cruise 2007

Oct 23, 2007
I rarely step foot in a BV shop cause I think it is way beyond my league, haha.. but surprise, surprise, when asked to accompany a friend, I was very attracted to the leaf print canvas tote from the Cruise 2007 collection.. I think there was only 1 left in the smaller size in HK so I was lucky to snag it after going to the 3rd branch!! And yes, am loving it!!!! Am just worried about caring for the canvas material though.. any tips will help..

I think I will be visiting the BV store more often now!

ms piggy

special breed
Oct 7, 2006
It's pretty indeed, love the simple swirl design and the Ebano colour plus the rustic gold rings complements well. Eventhough there's none of the signature intrecciato present, any BV lover would instantly recognise those braided handles. Very clever!


High on H!
Aug 22, 2007
hi shopaholic925, congratulations on such a fab looking bag. love the swirls and braided handles, and the bronze hoops are cute too. canvas shouldn't be difficult to care for at all. just wipe with a damp cloth ocassionally and air dry thoroughly before storage. enjoy your new baby and i'm sure we'll be seeing you post something new from bv in good time. ;)
thanks for the very warm welcome! haha.. will take a real-life photo soon but trust me, its even better in person!! as for caring for it, this early im just a bit worried about the corners but i guess i just have to enjoy the bag without worrying too much! it's my first pricey canvas bag, that's why!


Feb 22, 2007
shopaholic925- love the canvas tote. saw it irl and it is tdf. i wouldn't worry too much about the care. i think bottega does a certain amount of pre treatment and the color and pattern should do the rest. love the ebano braided handle. so bottega. enjoy it is beautiful.