Cruise 2007/8 accessories and RTW at the Chanel site

  1. Ohh I will, thanks for posting
  2. I liked the satin clutch and sandals with tulle camellia. Gives me a very summerish feeling.
  3. has anyone seen the sunglasses in picture 10?
  4. hi Mediana! I agree the shoes and sandals are really fabulous:nuts:!As well as the tulle and gold with croco effect clutches! :drool:

    I like some of the bags too like the holllywood hobo and the icecube as well as the python flap -fantastic shade of purple!although there's something on the CC closure that I don't quite like !maybe too big :confused1:??Has anyone seen it IRL?
  5. Ooo I like the gold flap clutch! How much is that anyone know?!


  6. has anyone seen them IRL too? I haven't been at the C/b recently lol:graucho:
    They remind me a lot of the very shape RAyban glasses had more than twenty years ago!lol:yes:
    I had had them in black and dark brown bone frame and wore them all the time! it was maybe the best selling design after the round black Jackie Os and the pilot sunglasses of American Optical!:supacool:
  7. Appreciate for the post here! thanks~~
  8. i LOVE the python clutch , its gorgeous!
  9. my pleasure Celia!you're always welcome!:flowers:
  10. Thank you!! Love seeing these!
  11. oh,you're mostly welcome Jayne!:yes:
  12. sweet Jesus!!

    did you see the orange heels [also in navy blue]? or the Chanel version of the Ugg?? I THINK IM IN LOVE!! LOL
  13. I love the gold ballet flats with black cap-toe. Although I have Chanel's black slingbacks with gold cap toe and never really wore them because of the logo... I'm not sure how I feel about wearing logos on shoes although I always think its kinda cute.
  14. here some of the pics from the chanel site

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]