Cruise 09 Caviar Jumbo question!

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  1. Did this bag come in other colors besides Red? with the flat CC's?
    or is it coming in other colors besides Red? with the flat CC's?
  2. Are light beige and navy blue part of curise 09/
  3. there are posts about the cruise 09 collection, just search it...
  4. The Beige is a 09 Cruise.....
  5. Light beige and navy are part of '09 Cruise. :heart:
  6. White, Light Beige, Red, and Navy were the caviar colors for the Cruise classic flaps.

    I was just told by a BG SA that Chanel decided *not* to make the Navy flap with Gold HW. I'm so disappointed because that is currently my dream combination! :crybaby:
  7. Oh no!!!...........But the light beige sounds mighty interesting.......will look into it,, the light beige ones I saw had the rounded cc's and I like the light gold flat cc's/ Thanks a lot!:heart:H
  8. Hi H,
    The beige (if it's the white/cream one you are looking for) is Gorgeous!!!! There is also a beige/tan one. I love the white/cream one and it has the flat CCs. I love the flat CCs and did ask the SA what other colors it came in. It looks like it came in the beige, white, red, and I believe the navy. Good luck! let us know if you end up getting one :smile:

  9. ^^^ I love the light beige and the navy caviar flaps! Please post pics if you get another Cruise jumbo. Good luck!
  10. I returned my red caviar I don't have one anymore....considering the dark beige (bronze Maxi) or beige jumbo....:heart:H
  11. C: the light beige w/gold hardware is really GOR-GEOUS! you have to see it in person as no photos can do it justice! :heart: