Cruise 09 Accordion versus East West Falp Tote

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Beige lambskin accordion flap

  2. Beige lambskin east west tote

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi all! I have narrowed down my choice for a new Spring/summer bag to two....they are both from the Chanel 09 cruise collection and both are beige lambskin. I am deciding between the accordion flap and the large east west tote. What do you fabulous bag-lovers think between those two??
  2. Personally I prefer the Accordion
  3. Thanks to those who voted in the pole. I went today and had a tough time deciding. They did not have the accordion flap in beige...they only had it in light grey. So it came down to the tote in beige vs, the accordion flap in light grey. I had a slight leaning toward the accordion...partly b/c I LOVE :heart: the color and then I thought of this poll...only 4 votes but all for the that is what I went with. Now, I am so glad :yahoo:...and I am sure that it was the right decision :tup:. I am leaving town tomorrow, but will post pics when I return. :smile:
  4. yay! congrats!! cant wait to see ur pics!!
  5. Congrats for ur new Accordian bag, can't wait to see pics!!~