Cruise 08 purses question

  1. Hi ladies and gents

    I was wondering if anyone could help me...I want to purchase the continental guccissima wallet for my mum in the red color that I saw on the website which is in the new 08 collection...I previously remember seeing red guccissima wallets last time I went into my local store but the sales assistant I spoke to said there hadn't been. Anyway i the sales assistant wasn't much help, she couldn't tell me when the wallets would be in and had no suggestion for any wallets with a lot of red detail. Its for my mum whose favourite color is red so i'm open to suggestions of something different but if someone knows a rough date as to when these will arrive in store that would be great also...anyone :confused1:
  2. I wanted to try out a cruise '08 dress that I saw on the display, but the store didn't have stock yet and I was waitlisted. The SA said the dresses will arrive mid-November. The whole cruise line including the wallets should be in the stores soon, especially since the FW sale is coming up. Try going to their flagship stores, as some stores only have a limited number of items. Good luck! Hope you find something that your mother will love!