Cruise 08 Collection

  1. Fresh from yesterday's press showing and coming to a boutique near you (maybe) in November. Aren't they adorable?
  2. love this!!! :heart::tup: thanks for the photos!!![​IMG]
  3. finally a photo of the gold, silver and grey Suhali Lockits! are those striped Mini Mono? thanks for posting these pics :tup:
  4. They are indeed striped mini mono and they are even more adorable in person. Available in two colors -- khaki strips with navy monogram or pale red.
  5. Wow :nuts: :nuts: :drool:
  6. Whatever is in the first to pictures is hideous. The other things are lovely though.
  7. ^ lol! SO true! my god the striped mini mono's are gorrrgeous!!!
  8. The silver suhali lockit looks gorgeous :drool:
    I'm having now second thoughts regarding the regular mirror lockit :hrmm:
  9. Liberte, I heartily disagree with your comment about the first two bags. You should know by now that the photos never really capture the details of the items and these caused quite a stir last night. The bucket made the cover of Monday's WWD. It looks absolutely spectacular in person.
  10. I'm really loving the last pic!!!! I've never bought from the cruise line before....but maybe this time!
  11. [​IMG]

  12. Did I mention the stripey one comes in a Speedy 30?
  13. Restricter, excellent work with the photos! Thanks a million as I am super excited to see what is coming for the cruise collection, it usually is my favorite! And the striped mini mono is to die for, I am officially obsessed! My fall obsessions are taking the back seat to these beauties! Thank you again and I hope you had a wonderful time! P.S. Where was the party held?

  14. ahhhhhh i dont know if i like regular or striped better nowwww!
  15. Oooo... :drool: Is that a hat box I spy?