Cruise 07

  1. So I went to SCP's cruise show yesterday and saw:

    jumbo patent leather classic flap in black w/silver hardware:heart:

    white patent leather reissue with a dark silver hardware
    gold reissue

    dark silver reissue
    baby coco cabas in khaki and teal :heart:

    black lambskin bag that katie holmes was holding in the pic w/VB in both the small and large size *beautiful bag* silver hardware

    a few canvas totes that did not really do anything for me

    Lots of pieces from the clothing line that were gorgeous, but way to expensive for me
  2. Can you tell me more details about the baby cabas? I am really interested in that bag.
  3. oh i wish we can see pictures of these bags
  4. You weren't crazy about the silver reissue or are reissues not necessarily your thing?
  5. No, I love silver I have a silver metallic bowler, but the reissue isn't really my style, I'm more of the jumbo classic flap type, especially in the lambskin! All I can say about the baby cabas is it is TDF. I ordered BOTH the copper color and the off white and will keep both. It's much smaller than the large cabas, which overwhelmed my 5'2 frame. It does not have the large cc's on the bag and has this beautiful diamond stitching on the bottom half and on the bottom of the bag. It fits well under the arm and is very comfy. It still has the large cc zipper pull like on the large cabas. This bag is gorgeous! I only saw the khaki, which is more on the metallic copper size, and the teal, which did not appeal to me. It is coming also in the off white and black, which are both non-metallic smooth leather. I think this leather is smoother than the grainy leather on the large cabas and definitely matte, except for the khaki color, which has a beautiful sheen to it. The reissues were all beautiful, except for the gold which reminded me of a solid gold bar. The white patent reissue, and the dark silver were beauties, and there was also a bronze, but I don't know if that was part of the cruise. The black patent leather jumbo caviar was also extremely stunning! I wanted to take pics but there were so many people it there and I felt weird.
  6. Please post pic...I would LOVE to see those new bags...:flowers:
  7. I am back from the trunk show!!!

    trunk show is a dangerous place to go if you are already broke!! BUT, I who normally don't carry big bag actually LOVE the coco cabas in Khaki!!!! And I am on the list!!! The SA also put my name down for the silver coco cabas, but I am sure I really want the Khaki (which is more of a bronze color).

    I saw those reissues with the distressed patent leather, but I personally don't like that kinda of patent leather. They are already selling the cruise reissue in silver and like a gold color there in my boutique. But I am not feeling anything (I guess I still love the original reissue from last year the most!)

    I am also on the list for 2 rings from the cruise line. They are like plasttic rings with crystal. Dunno how they look IRL on my finger, but I just put my name down for now!
  8. LOL I know!! I should not have gone yesterday because I am already broke as well and now I have gone and ordered the coco cabas in BOTH khaki and white!! Why do I do this to myself?
  9. Sorry Rachel, I wasn't able to take any but I will post as soon as I get the baby cabas in khaki and white..
  10. What does the silver cabas look like in person? Is it metallic?
  11. OK, I'm going to bump this up because I'm wondering if the dark silver is the same color as smooth's cruise re-issue. Anyone?

  12. I don't think she said Dark Silver Cabas; I read Khaki Cabas and Teal?
  13. Thanks for clearing that up, I thought I read somewhere that there was going to be a dark silver cabas, I think I'm getting all these new bags mixed up :shrugs: .
  14. Oh yes! I forgot about that color! There is a dark silver that I saw only in the catalogue but it looked like had a greenish tinge to me? I only saw the pic though. So, khaki, teal, off white, black, and dark silver. The silver did not look anything like the dark silver reissue, which is beautiful
  15. in the trunk show there were only teal and khaki, but the coco cabas will also come in silver, and so my SA also put my name on the list just in case. But I don't really know how the color will look on the bag.