Cruise 07

  1. Anyone know when Cruise 07 will be released?

    I know it's not handbags - but on the shoe front I'm dying to see if they skip "I". Usually with over 35 new designs relased it will be interesting the names they come up with.
  2. why would they skip I?
  3. lol, sorry mimi bit of a joke - I'm struggling to come up with 35 nice names beginning with I for shoes - just wondered if JC would skip it, too difficult.
  4. ohh lol.. i think i just got it! bit slow today...
    but the cruise collection usually comes out in november..
    i'm dying to know whats in store for us in the Autumn/winter collection
  5. For some reason I got it in my head it was earlier - Oh well never mind will have to torture myself for longer wondering what they will bring out, I just seem to prefer cruise.

    Imogen - Isabelle - Ivory - Icicle - Idolize - Ignite - Imagine - Illumination - Immortal - Imperial - Impish Impudence - Impulsive - Incredible - Indecency (lol) - Influence

    See not easy, alot of I words express a negative of some sort.
  6. riffraff - by any chance do you now what JC is doing for Autumn/winter 07?
  7. Nope - unfortunately not.
  8. When I spoke to my SA in Chicago, she said they would be doing some Fall 2007 "pre release" in May:woohoo:
  9. I heard May too