Cruise 07 out Nov 15?

  1. Went to LV to see the Azur Cabas was disappointing to say the least...So my SA "took advantage" of my disappointment to show me the new Cruise 07 line (smart girl that one..). She knows that I'm not particularly fond of the denim line in the first place...and she's right..I'm still not totally convinced..but having seen these 3 IRL (they only had the Porte Epaule Raye GM, Mini Pleaty Custom and Mini Pleaty in store at the moment)(I only have pics for the Epaule GM/MM & Pleaty Custom...), I must say I'm very tempted...

    I'm on the list for the Epaule GM (was told that they're only taking orders for the Epaule GM & Mini Pleaty Custom..the rest are for retail..) and it comes with the charms as well (same as the mini pleaty custom)! The charms are actually made up of little individual key rings that u can take out and use. I think I like the charm more than the bag :graucho: ...The pleaty custom's rather heavy b'cos of the weight of the charm..without the charm, the GM's also actually nothing to shout about..I'm still not sure but I'll wait and c...

    So the Cruise 07 line is supposed to be launched on 15 Nov at my store...I don't know if it's late 'cos my store's always late..sigh...I'm sure someone here will have a better idea than is anyone else getting anything from the Cruise 07 line? This line has been at the back of my head, what with the Azur and mirroir...

    Photos are from Chuvaness at flickr...
    252521447_92187aa406_m.jpg 252543984_b45717fb23_m.jpg 252547024_76312db080_s.jpg
  2. I saw the Cabas Plage too and was disappointed that it was so darn big.
  3. :true: my exact sentiments...I posted in your thread about it too :yes: dang...and I was so excited! Did u see the cruise 07 line while u were at the store?
  4. I think they are cute! Can't wait to see them IRL:smile:

    Do you know the apx. prices?
  5. I love the denim pieces...I really want that GM!
  6. Sorry, I can't remember the exact prices (but they'll be in SGD anyway 'cos I'm in S'pore) but I'm sure it's at least very close if not exactly (from a quick conversion) what Dickies posted just last month...HTH:

  7. $2050 for a denim tote???
  8. ^^LOL...yeah...I think it's b'cos of the charm really (darn charm better be made out of 24k gold)...and it's $2620 for the mini pleaty custom :shrugs:
  9. I know...what the hell are they thinking???
  10. Exactly my thought.....the Mini Pleaty Custom is gorgeous :love: but not the price:sad:. I hope you get the Epaule GM phwish cos I think it's hot:drool:
  11. I hear u Lee (and the bag too, strangely enuf..) and thanks for the affirmation...the more I see the pics, the better she looks...but really...the price is making me :sick:. I was a little concerned over how denim is quite a heavy material but she was surprisingly light...without the charms...and the denim's oh so soft as well :love:
  12. Denim=heavy=NO...stop trying to talk yourself out of this bag, it's hot!!! :P
  13. OK ,price aside....sounds like you've fallen in love already:rolleyes: LOL...since the charms is detachable, the price is not that bad really considering how pricey LV accessories can be.:s
  14. Loooove them
  15. I like them.