Cruise 07 is here....woohoo!

  1. wow i am speechlesss....:wtf:
    ramonaanaconda.jpg cigarriki.jpg Malenam_printedponywatersnake.jpg rikimetallicanaconda.jpg marinashinyleather.jpg
  2. and then there is perforated....:wlae::wlae::yahoo:
    bags.jpg perforatedmetallicramona.jpg
  3. they only let me posted 5 pictures. sorry i hope i m not offending anyone with my shallow obsession .
  4. Playaddict - I love your pics.

    I think what Riff may be saying ..
    is that if a thread has already been started
    (we have one with the new Cruise 07)
    That we're not suppose to start another one.