Cruise 07 Bags - In Real Lie!

  1. There is nothing like seeing bags in real life! I got a call yesterday afternoon from Nordies. They got in a bunch of Cruise 07 Choos, and they were holding the one I had been on a list for. So, I took a quick trip downtown and...

    I may be in big trouble. :sweatdrop:

    They were holding the Neon Blue liquid patent Mahala. The color is fabulous in real life. The suede is so vibrant, and the patent is dark with some variations in the color. I had cooled to the color over the last few weeks. :shrugs: But, OMG, in real life, WOW! :drool: Pictures did not do it justice. Robyn, you will love this color. And jmcadon, they also have the Maddy. I didn't get the bag, but it is still on hold for me until Friday. Decisions, decisions.

    Then I spied the snake Ramona ($3495). Fans, of reptile (polaremil, I'm talking about you!), that one will take your breath away. :nuts:

    For any of you that are on the fence about these 2 bags, because pictures are all you've seen....whew, I gotta sit down. :upsidedown:
  2. Maddy? In blue? How much? Oh no, my will power is fading!!!!
  3. Jburgh how many Mahala's did they have:banned:

    We can have another set of matching Mahala sisters:dothewave: :dothewave:

    Jmcadon forget the other bag and get the Maddy:wlae:
  4. I'm going to Nordies tomorrow. I can't stand it! I want to go to Saks off 5th anyway. I am only looking. I repeat, I am only looking.
    jburgh, do you like the LP blue better than the EB?
  5. Well, all you know just how bad my spelling is. Did you see the title of my thread? Crikey! It is supposed to be "...In Real Life!" and not "Lie!" I just can't believe it. Actually I can. So sorry, it changes the presumed meaning of the thread. I'll never live that one down. :shame:
  6. The handles on that bag creep me out. Looks like they used the belly of the snake. It would look better with the top scales like the rest of the bag or the leather on the straps.
  7. Robynbenz - They have 2 NBLP Mahalas. I swapped the one on hold for the display because I liked it better. So, I'm not so sure if you would like the one I rejected. I picked the one that had less pebbling of the patent. I like my patent sleek and smooth. And while I love pebbled leather (created by the shrinking of the skin during processing), the roughness does not appeal to me in a patent finish. I just called Nordies in downtown Seattle to ask if they still have that second Mahala, and yes they do! If you are serious about the bag, I would put myself on a local Nordies list. However, I am also on the list for a NBLP Mahala at Nordies Bellevue, if that comes in smooth and sleek, you can have it.

    These bags just came in Friday and were unpacked Saturday.

    The news for jmcadon is also somewhat bittersweet. Nordies Seattle is sold out of the NBLP Maddy at $1695. The SA checked nationwide and no one has it. But, it will be arriving at more stores this week and next.

    IMHO the Neon blue LP and the Electric Blue calf are like day and night. The colors are not the same hue. The Neon seems more like a cool weather bag. Maybe that is just a preconceived notion I have about patent.

    And while I am talking about blues, I want a dark teal-y/turquoise LP Mahala! :hysteric:
  8. Most of my replies have spelling errors! I actually can spell, I just can't type. My fingers just don't go where I want them to on a key board. I never had a job where I had to type anything and until recently had someone who did my computer work as well. Now, give me a beam span calculator and I'm a whiz!
  9. Hi there, jburgh. Unfortunately the Ramona is not for me, I'm afraid. I don't know which bag is for me anymore:confused1:. This weekend, I had the opportunity to check out all my current favorites and NONE of them did it for me (nor did CL shoes, Lanvin ballet flats etc etc:shrugs:.). I didn't like the Sand colour in Maddy. The only thing I came close to buying was the Tube in silver snakeskin, but I decided against it cause it wouldn't go with that much in my closet really. Seriously, I have to take a short break from lusting after handbags and maybe start looking forward to SS08/ AW08.
  10. Don't feel like you're alone Polaremil! After two consecutive JC returns for bags that just didn't do it for me, I've decided to wait and see what comes out in the Spring as well.

    Or I may, along with 250,000 of my closest friends, go for the new EB Balenciaga if I love the color. :yes:

    I love my Choos, but there doesn't seem to be anything that I don't already have that I'm lusting after. :shrugs:
  11. Oh I hope someone gets the NBLP Mahala or Maddy I really want to see pictures. I can't bring myself to go look at one in real life for fear of wanting one really badly.
  12. Seriously, I have to take a short break from lusting after handbags and maybe start looking forward to SS08/ AW08.

    I'm kind of feeling the same way and I'm not that great a collector. I'm more engaged by colors over styles recently. I'm hoping SS08 will have some gorgeous bright colors to follow on from the sunny cruise collection. I love bright colors!