Croxley has how many Roxannes?

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  1. Since Croxley has revealed she has FIVE Rosemarys on the 'Rosemary Remedy' thread :faint: and indicated that she has Roxannes as well. We're all itching to know... how many? What colour? Is she indeed our resident Roxanne Hog? Pictures PLEASE!
  2. Don`t forget all her mabels !!

    How do you hide them all, if DH thinks you only have 6 bags in total ??
  3. Mabels as well??? :wtf::faint::faint::faint::faint:

    Good grief!!! How many Mulberry bags Croxley? Is there such as place as "Mulberry Bags Annonymous"?
  4. Oh croxley we would love to know what roxannes you have!

    We are in awe!! :drool::sweatdrop::yahoo:
  5. Seing her Rosy and Mabel collection and hearing about her Roxy collection, makes me wonder what other collections she has????????????????
  6. Big LOL when I read this one :yes:

    Do you have a current Roxanne Hog that I may snatch the title from ?

    They are all carefully placed although I don't think he's that interested anyway :graucho: Lucky me !!

    Sorry you are going to have to wait for the photo's ................
  7. I dont know what the current roxanne record is, but it sounds like you might be the winner!!
  8. Oh Croxley, we haven't given the "Roxanne Hog" title to anyone yet. You might be the winner. We need a reveal! I've already been floored by your five Rosemarys all in one photo! Go ahead, floor me again.
  9. Yes, I would like to know as well. At least she can't steal the Roxanne Hog title from me - I don't have any Roxy's! Pics please Croxley!!!
  10. five rosemarys - i'm lost for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Croxley, a gentle reminder..... we want to know all about your Roxannes and see pics. If your hubby doesn't leave the house soon, I suggest you give him enough money for a few pints down the pub! We want to see your Roxys.
  12. bring on the pics!
  13. Still no pics??????????????????????????????
  14. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaasssse!!! :drool::sweatdrop::drool::roflmfao:
  15. Bumping. We are still waiting and not forgetting about the pics!!