Crown (Melbourne) VIP night

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  1. anyone else got the invite for the VIP night on 6th December?

    it's not exactly just for LV, but every other "cool" stores at Crown....

    last year, LV gave out free MC bookmarks to people who spend above $600 i think.. hopefully this time they will do the same..
  2. aww! this sounds like so much fun!!

    are you going? please tell us all about it if you go!
  3. Get pics if you go, I love to see those, since I´m never going to have a chance to go!
  4. i am going.. but i think my parents are flying from overseas on that day. just hope it's not at the same time as the event. otherwise i might have to ditch them for some LV lol.. nah kidding...

    but if i'm going, it looks like that i'm getting something.. haha.. its a secret for now.. LOL!
  5. :nuts: Have a great time....take some pics if you can:graucho:
  6. Ditch your parents:yes: :nuts: Oh I´m bad:shame:
  7. No, but I'm going to the LV Collins St party on the 9th. BUT will probably go to Crown as well, can't resist :smile:
  8. I would ditch people in an airport for an LV bookmark.....:?
  9. whats the party at collins st for?
  10. The Collins St LV party? That's the Christmas party where they'll also launch the miroir. Are you going?
  11. ****.. i am not invited to that one... can i still go? LOL!

    i want to see the xmas party there.. lol!
  12. Have a great time.
  13. Call customer service up or your SA and try to wrangle an invite. :yes:
  14. Have a blast!
  15. apparently, no invite required for the event on the 9th december.

    so everyone can come!!!! haha.. from 10am - 4pm

    oh btw, if anyone wants to get mirroir its going to be hard if you are not in the waiting list.