Crown Chinese New Year Party?

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  1. Hi! I recently got invited to the LV at Crown's Chinese New Year Cocktail party and was wondering what exactly happens at these cocktail parties? I've never been to one before and am really excited :smile:

    The invitation only allows for one extra guest, I couldn't decide between all my LV-loving GFs so I ended up choosing my BF hehe. Even those he doesn't appreciate LV the way it should be ;)
  2. Lucky you! Have fun and take pics please!
  3. Have fun and take lots of pictures
  4. what everyone else said... have fun and take lots of pics for us to see! :yes:
  5. it's like an evening edition of their trunk show.
  6. take some pics for us who cant be there.:crybaby::tup:.
  7. Yippe that is so exciting! They have loads of yummy sweet treats, champagne, hor devours. Also they sometimes bring in special LE bags for the event, RTW, jewelry, watches, etc. it all depends on the size of the store. There is a lot of ohhing and ahhing and it is a great deal of fun!
  8. Lucky you! Congrats & enjoy! :yes:
  9. I got one, too. It's from the new LV store at Natick Collection in Massachusetts. I think I'm gonna go, but do they let you take pictures of the party?
  10. Thanks everyone! I will try my best to sneak in some photos~ ;)

    irishpandabear: Wow! That sounds so exciting, I can't wait to go now *_* I've never attended anything like this ever so it'll be a great treat!

    Tookata: I have no idea, I think I might try and take some with my camera phone to be a little more discreet, but I'll def try and take some for everyone to see! Mine is in Melbourne, Australia! If you can, please take some photos I'd love to see how it's done in America :smile:
  11. Oooh, your a very lucky girl! Have fun, take lots of pictures and don't forget to post them! :p
  12. I went to the one at Crown last year... I didn't see people with camera's as they had a newspaper photographer there taking photos
  13. Me too. I almost forgot about it until I read this post.
  14. That sounds exciting! I have yet to get an invite.
  15. oh awesome!!! I really want to go to an LV party!!!