Crossword Fendi Bags Available Now at NM for Pre-Order

  1. I know this isn't a favorite of many people. It definitely doesn't compel me like the Spy did. The leather isn't the beautiful bubbly. But its freshness and mod-ish difference from previous collection does sort of appeal to me. Here's my favorite one. It's available for pre-order at NM. For its price of $2230, is it enough to tempt?
    FENDI Crossword.jpg
  2. I like it. Very 60's-70's. Interesting but I think too structured for me.
  3. No. I think I'd pass.
  4. I don't think I like it. It's too much with too many F's.
  5. I like it.
  6. I like fendi, but not this bag.
  7. I'd like it for about $1200, not $2K+.
  8. I'm undecided on it really
  9. Pretty mod, I'm afraid that it will go out of style soon, though I did get the wallet that is similar. Shiny mirrored silver, with Fendi logo all over, I will use as a clutch.
  10. I think you're right in that it is single season (or maybe every 30 years since styles seem to come back). Your wallet sounds gorgeous! I would love to see some pics of it if you ever get the chance!
  11. I like it. Very mod.
  12. Unfortunately this bag is fug IMO. :sad:
  13. ^^^ It's definitely not for everyone. I do think that the style is very different from everything else they've put out for a while.
  14. Agree BalenciagaLove, but its not for me.
    Would feel like a Neon-Light walking along........and no bubbles
  15. I like it, one thing I will say for fendi is they continue to take risks, they push tings forward, unlike some other designers who have a "star" bag one year and then play it safe (in other words boring)