crossover from tokidoki to coach forums.

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  1. So last night I decided to go to the Coach forum and see what it was all about... I replied to some people's threads and made an introduction thread of myself. From reading some of the threads on there, it seems the Coach forum is a lot more rigid and structured and has more rules than the tokidoki forum... The tokidoki forum is just so relaxed and we can make threads about whatever, and over there it seems that there are certain places you can create threads or if there's already one thread for something specific they don't really want you to create another thread on that topic. But my main concern is that I hope that forum is as friendly as the tokidoki forum here!! ^_^

    P.S. Can anyone guess that I felt I needed to start giving my Coach bags some more love? *lol* Poor Coach has been neglected because of my tokidoki! *lol*
  2. Are you preparing yourself for the end of the lesportsux & toki collab? :graucho: I just got a message on my home phone in NY about a Coach sale? :confused1: 25% off... I don't know why but they always call me to tell me about the sale! :wtf: It's like they know I'm trying not to spend any money. :sweatdrop:
  3. haha I think some of the members here are bothered by the duplicate threads that keep showing up.. maybe they'd prefer it if we tightened things up?

    although i like the styles Coach has right now, I am in no position to afford anything :sad:
  4. hmm, I've been meaning to get a SMALL coach bag, hmm outlets. Well that is after I purchase 1-2 toki bags of course.
  5. Every time I get a Coach bag I'm unhappy with it. They don't have the best quality. Most of my Coach bags have defects and they were bought at full retail price from Coach stores which really makes me mad. :cursing: $400 and some change for a purse with glue all over it and they would do nothing for me. :mad: So I'm no longer a fan of theirs and I'll probably never buy anything from them again! Just my opinion :graucho:
  6. I hate to say this, but I really stopped liking coach when everyone and their 10 yr old kid started carrying them.... and when they went all out with the logo stuff. I am just not into the logo thing. I do have a couple coach bags from before, older ones that aren't plastered with 'C's... but I'm 100% toki right now... hehe. :nuts:

    I dunos, I think I knew coach from back when their bags were all nice leather and stuff... and now I just feel like the brand has been really diluted by the mass market... same with D&B... although I know it's super popular and probably making a lot of money.... :shrugs:
    I mean the coach forum here is one of the biggest I think! Probably why they have so many rules, to keep it all under control...

    I like the fact that tokidoki isn't carried around by everyone I know, and it's a bit different and fun! I wear pretty boring clothes most of the time, to my toki is my 'fun' thing.

    Just my opinion....
  7. OMG, I too am a Coach girl but have put them on hiatis for my toki addiction...I feel you. I have invested alot in both my Coach and toki bags...
  8. I love both Coach and Tokidoki, so I post in both. Everyone in there is really nice and helpful, if you have any questions they can answer them right away!
  9. hmmm don't like dooney and burke. If i do get coach, it will be from the outlet when there is an outlet sale like for the holidays coming up.
  10. i have one coach purse and ive been trying to sell it for months !!! blah to coach
  11. Ditto for me... I have a beautiful all leather bag from years back, when I liked them best... I really don't care for logo stuff. They all end up kind of looking the same to me.
  12. I agree, I have all leather from way back- still looks great and do use for travel, business meeting and special ocassions. I do not like their signature line or logo stuff either.
  13. I'm a total Coach Girl (well WAS), but it has taken a back (waaaay back) seat to my toki obession! Coach is quite pricey so my hubby is loving toki's. I own over 20 coach items, but it collected them over 10 years. Not like my toki's which i collected over 20 toki items in like 3 months.

    I think when the LS/TOKI callbo is over with...I'll just be happy with what I have and take a L:huh::huh::huh:ng break and ban myself from buying bags...

  14. I just got a postcard in the mail the other day telling me about the sale in which I can get 25% as well. But like many others here, Tokidoki has become my focal point
  15. it's actually because we don't have as many mods reading this Forum.
    Trust me, if there was a few of us reading in here, it'd be kept like the rest of tPF.

    let's not get off topic and start lising the reasons you don't like Coach. . . not very friendly:nogood: