::Crossing my fingers for a new job so I can get some Coach!::

  1. Hey all!

    So I did a phone interview today (my 2nd interview with this company) and will know within 2 days if I get this new position. It has a salary increase attached so if I get the job, I'm getting some Coach stuff as a reward for being AWESOME! :nuts:

    I would appreciate some good thoughts flowing my way...TIA! I'll keep you all posted!
  2. Sending good vibes up to Chicagoland for you. Good Luck! I hope you get it!!!:dothewave:
  3. Good luck!!
  4. Best of luck to you. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Good luck, I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  6. good luck! :tup:
    fingers are crossed over my way for you!
    after the holidays I'm applying at my local coach store. :yahoo:
  7. Best of luck to you!!!:heart:
  8. Aww, good luck! That's so exciting!!! :yahoo:
  9. Gooooood LUCK!!
  10. Thanks! I'm patiently waiting...
  11. Good luck !
  12. Good luck, hon!!!! After almost 8 months without a job I got one last week!!!! :party: I'm rootin' for ya!!!
  13. Congratulations!