Crossing Gender Lines

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  1. BEAUTIFUL BAG. I have been looking at the men's briefcases.
  2. If I were in the working world still I would def check the men's line. They have excellent pieces.
  3. For the modern traveler ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468426867.105786.jpg
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  4. I am really excited about this launch as I think Pégase is nice and a true classic, but sadly it is outdated in its design.
  5. Totally agree with you. This launching is so exciting ! The Pégase is a classic but only two heels seems like a pain in the ass. Can't wait to discover this new luggage line in store !
  6. Ladies, I have just purchased this from the "other side" and I looooove it. I added some leather tassels to spruce it up a little, and my next purchase will be the keepall 45 in monogram eclipse.

  7. My wife just bought a PDJ in damier graphite and she wants a matching Keepall next. I have purchased a key pouch in DE and a zippy coin purse in Indigo Epi leather and they only appear in the women section of the website, so I guess I too have purchased things from the other side even though I do not see any of these products inherently feminine.
  8. I saw this pic on another thread and was admiring it there too. I like the tassels!
  9. I'm a guy and I recently bought a Neverfull GM in damier ebene and I absolutely LVoe it!! It's so roomy, plus the pochette is awesome! The damier is very gender neutral. Honestly in my opinion if you like the bag ROCK IT! Who cares if it's a men's or woman's bag :smile: I will post pictures when I am home from work
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  10. Would love to see ur pics. I agree, rock what u like- if it works for you who cares!