Crossing Gender Lines

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  1. I don't own the DC keepall (yet!) but I do have a DG zippy and it's so worth it! I love it much more than DE or DA. Every time I pull it out of my purse, it makes me smile.
  2. Just got my luggage tag hot stamped! My first hot stamping. Love it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467137560.851948.jpg
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  3. Btw- I asked my SA about the MIF stamp on my tag as my bag is MIF and she told me apparently the tags that come with the bags are only stamped LVP. Tags that are ordered as replacement parts are stamped MIF etc... (Depending where they are made of course).
  4. Congrats on your beautiful new DC Keepall and pouch! I considered (and turned down) the Regatta Keepall, but I am still planning to get a DC one. As for items from the men's collection, I use men's scarves when I fly/ travel. They are more discreet and less delicate. I also have the V Pocket Organizer - love that cute blue V!

    Looking forward to items that will be available from the men's SS2017 collection and any new business bags. :cool:
  5. Aww thx you! I was thinking of a scarf for fall- but never thought to look at the men's line. I have to def take a look. Please post a pic of ur V pocket organizer when u can- I would love to see it!
  6. Here you go! I included my monogram gradient scarf in blue. The monogram pattern fades into a plain dark blue so you can wear it with the logos or have the monogram tucked out of the way. ;)
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  7. I like this idea too! This forum is so great because it opens our eyes to new things and then you go "well, wow, that makes sense ...don't know why I didn't think of that!"
  8. I LOVE the V especially. So beautiful!
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  9. For blues last year, one had to go to the men's collection...I had to! There was just too much pink! :lol:
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  10. Lol. I feel u on the pink. I absolutely love ur pieces. Thank you for posting ur pics.
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  11. Great choices!
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  12. I'm a guy that has no issues with using a saumur, a naviglio, or a sac plat. 20160404_140437.jpg
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  13. Naviglio was originally marketed to men and women alike. It's a great messenger bag!
  14. It looks great on you!
  15. Have some more pieces … sac plat nomade, one of fav casual mens pieces escapade and some brooches … I have a few more mens pieces to add IMG_0275.jpeg IMG_5025.jpeg DSCF0025.jpeg
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