Crossing Gender Lines

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  1. I wish they made this in the speedy or neverfull. I want a DA but am scared of color transfer. would buy this in a heartbeat.
  2. Yes! I think there is also that blue tone version, but the gray and black is what I've always wanted. A speedy size would be so amazing.
  3. Here's the inside pocket of my Keepall 45 DC. Pretty big! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466820417.612292.jpg
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  4. Any idea when these release? They will go fast and I need to buy one before you gals snag them all...LOL
  5. I thought I read somewhere these were Japan exclusives (?).
  6. I read that somewhere too yesterday.
  7. Just received my DC toilet pouch to match my new keepall :smile:. I have an odd thing about matching.

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  8. Here's my graphite 6 key holder. If they would make a Soeedy 30 in the graphite I'd be first in line for it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1466906667.113473.jpg
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  9. It's gorgeous! I have a thing with matchy matchy as well.
  10. Looks perfect together!
  11. Great topic. I've always loved the graphite and want a piece myself one day!
  12. I only have this charm in DG print, but I would like to get more

  13. I super love the DG or DC line from the men's side more so than DE! It looks so classy! I have the 4 key holder that is like a longer key cles and a 6 key holder.

    I really want to pick up a big zippy travel wallet in DG and a keep all 45 in DC!
  14. I like ur charm. I'm considering one to put on my Keepall- except I wonder if it will look too busy with it on plus luggage tag and strap holder.
  15. I wish I had bought this one instead of the monogram one- I prefer the look of this more.
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