Crossing Gender Lines

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  1. I've secretly ;) been watching that club. I was going to post my Keepall but since I already posted it on other threads I didn't want to duplicate.
    And yes, there are some absolutely awesome reveals there! I'm envious of all the goodies LV comes up with for men now :smile: Saw some of ur goodies too!
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  2. Oooh, good idea!!
  3. I was in the lounge at the Charlotte airport last month and saw a late 30s, early 40s male couple reading. One had a DE keepall, one had a DC keepall, and they both were stunning. I was so tempted to go over there and compliment their bags! It almost made me want to get my husband and me one to match except he doesn't want to carry any LV :sad:
  4. I carry a DG 6-key holder, I like the silver hardware and it matches my key fob, this is one of my favorite pieces :tup:
  5. I am thinking of buying the men's pocket organiser in ecru. It's the white monogram background, which the red and blue strip, the limited edition seasonal one. I reckon it's gorgeous, and lovely for a female. Still undecided on it thou, due to a few reasons.
    1. Is it designed for men's only
    2. Would I look funny using it
    3. It will get dirty because it's white -easily dirty
    4. It's unavailable as yet
    5. It's dearer than the plain epi one
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    I have quite a few mens pieces ... my current fav is the volga
    I love the reporter ...such a great casual piece.

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  7. I would go for it as the mens items are beautiful and usually a lot hard to locate
  8. Omgosh that keepall is gorgeous!!! If I were to get a keepall, I would love to get the same one!!!
  9. Those look awesome!!
  10. Your collection is gorgeous, and suits you very much. Especially the brown bear. That is so unique and Devine
  11. Thank you! Will try and see if they can source one for me.
  12. Good luck
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend
  13. I'm loving these and am thinking about picking them up when they release. [emoji7] what do you gals think?

  14. Thank you [emoji4].
  15. Oh my lord! These pieces are gorgeous!!! Is this like a gray/black canvas?