Crossing Gender Lines

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  1. Hi all!
    [​IMG]Please post pics of ur LV items that crossed the gender lines! Ladies if u have something from the men's line and guys if have something from the women's line post them and tell us if there was a reason why u chose to cross the gender lines.
    Let me start with my new DC Keepall B 45!
    I chose DC because it is the only version of the canvas Keepall that has an inside pocket, plus I was told by my SA that the treated leather is better quality and softer than the one used on the DE. If that's true then that's an added bonus- but I mainly crossed over the gender lines because I wanted a pocket in my Keepall. The blue is exquisite and the silver hardware means no discoloration like on the women's Keepalls and is gorgeous. Oh and did I mention same price as all the other Keepall B 45's. I love this bag!
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  2. I think more women should consider getting this canvas. It looks good on both genders and should not only be limited to men.
  3. I agree! It is a beautiful shade of blue with silver hdw and women can def pull this bag off. I love it- plus it's made in France which I was so lucky to get. I feel good the my LV luggage piece is at least MIF.
  4. Your bag is gorgeous! DC is so beautiful and classic. You make me want one. I've been debating a keepall and yours is tempting.

    I LVoe this thread idea! I'm a huge fan of Damier Graphite. I think it's very versatile. I have two items - the 4 key holder and the zippy coin purse/wallet (I can't remember the formal name). I bought the key holder because I found it to be more versatile than any of the women's items. I have a larger top on my key and it had to hang outside my monogram vernis 4 key holder (6 was too big). The fact that the men's one zips (women's cles wasn't big enough) was the deciding factor for me! And for the zippy, I just wanted something unique. DA seemed like it'd get dirty too easily. The LV Atlanta store was out of the DE. I have no monogram SLGs and wanted to keep the Damier theme, so I asked if they had DG and it was too pretty to pass up.
  5. That is a beautiful bag! Love the Graphite line I think it's a great choice for either gender. I have the 6 key key holder in the DE which is purchased by men and women if that counts LOL.
  6. Love ur items!! I do find the men's items more versatile and at times well thought out. The fact that this Keepall is the only one that has a pocket and cost the same as the ones without pushed me to get it. The pocket is pretty spacious and can fit my wallet. I love the men's backpacks too!
  7. I don't think I knew that about the pocket - thanks for the info! That is definitely a deciding factor.
  8. There is one lady who bought this on YouTube and did a review. She fits a long LV wallet in the pocket. The rest of vid's are by men. If you like the ones with the grip on the shoulder pad request it with ur SA as they sell them sometimes with the smooth leather padding and I found that slipped off my shoulder a lot. If you get it don't forget to post a pic!!!
  9. I love Damier Graphite! I am definitely going to get a Keepall one day - I was thinking Mon Monogram with pink stripes would go nicely with the Graphite :heart:
  10. The men's line is actually pretty unisex and you wouldn't really be able to tell which gender it was designed in mind for if you're unfamiliar with the brand. This whole "gender line" is just something that we cook up in our own heads - heck, I've seen men carrying Speedys among other "women's" designs and in this day and age nobody really cares. Wear what you like and what meets the needs of your lifestyle the best.
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  11. Yea. Wear what you want. Who cares?
  12. Yes def wear what u want- I agree, that's why I bought my Keepall DC. This post is really just to show what we bought and are using from the "other" lines and why (features etc..)- to maybe enlighten other users (newbies) to check out those selections as they may not have given it much thought. I for one never did look at the men's line until recently. Then I realized the men's line have pretty versatile stuff and I liked it a lot for functionality. I thought it would be a fun post of pics and some info from the "other" lines. I think the peeps that post pics here already do follow that philosophy of wearing what we want and not caring.
    I just would like to see the other items people are using from the different lines and why (functionality).
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  13. Yes! Let's get back to this. People just like to have some reason to throw their opinion around even when it's not quite on target. Your post wasn't about whether it's OK to cross gender lines but about showing it off when we do and enlightening others to some 'new' items to consider. Personally, I LOVE the idea.

    Going back to why you started the thread ... I was hoping to see more of the Men's line pics but we must be the only two ladies who use the pieces on the forum!

    My key holder in DG is so versatile. I am still loving it. It's easy to use and fits my huge key fob. I never thought to check to Men's line and then saw a pic and was all 'Wait... what is this?!'

    Have you taken a trip with the Keepall yet? It's such a beautiful bag!
  14. You should keep an eye on the LV Men's Club. Lots of awesome reveals there and a few ladies participate as well.
  15. Hi! No I haven't taken it out yet, but I'm going on an overnighter next week so I'll be using it then. I am so excited to be taking it with me. Before I pack it I'm going to take a pic of the inside pocket and show what it can fit.
    I have a big key fob too, I should have looked into the men's line before I bought my 6 ring key holder. There's some hidden gems in the men's line- I def will be checking the men's line more frequently!
    Lol- can we really be the only 2 ladies using "men's" items??? Lol
    Thank you for understanding my reasons for starting this thread. It really wasn't meant to be controversial by any means. Just a fun thread!
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