Crossed it off the Wishlist! But Should I Exchange?

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  1. Hi everyone! So I am very lucky to have crossed off a wish list bag for me today, a bit earlier than expected! It is the Neverfull MM in dammer ebene! I was so excited when I went to the store I didn't inspect the bag closely (rookie mistake I know) and when I got it home and was playing with it I noticed the canvas patterns don't match up on the sides (pictures attached). Should I exchange it, or am I just being way way too nit picky? Thank you!!

    Edit: for some reason the pictures aren't posting and this is a bit hard to see how mismatched they are without pictures. So sorry for the inconvenience, but would still love opinions as I try to get the pictures to upload!!
  2. Ha, got them! Like I said, is this a valid concern or am I okay for asking for one with cleaner lines?

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  3. Yes, exchange! They have TONS of these bags in the store, and you should be able to pick a better line up. Some people don't care, but it seems like you do (I do) and I think you will be happier with the money you spent!
  4. I guess the question is, how much does it bother you? I've seen quite a few NF DE AND Mono from co-workers that are even on one side and misaligned on the other. Seems a bit common. If it's a concern, take it back to the store and see if you can find one that's more even.
  5. You have to find the "right" bag. I suggest inspecting it carefully and if you still don't like it, return it for a different bag. I usually try to get at least 2 bags to compare to each other, and sometimes it's the color of the canvas, or the symmetry, or just the feel of the bag. Sometimes I get a brand new bag that's never been touched, other times I get the display bag. It just depends on what I feel. Is that weird?
  6. Just exchange it- I looked at my DE GM NF and all seams line up so you should get one as close to perfect as you can. I never really looked at the canvas pattern matching but now that you mention it, it would bother me too.
  7. I did the same mistake, my NF DE was mismatched on the side and I didn't realized it after half a year. I wished I could have notice it earlier... It doesn't really bother me that much now. But if you are unhappy, exchange it!
  8. I agree. Exchange it or else you won't be happy. If you're thinking about it and asking them it kind of bothers you enough to ask the question so definitely go and exchange. I would!
  9. I would exchange it. You should be fully happy with your purchase.
  10. I would exchange it. That's pretty bad.
  11. I have no idea how the seams on my bags do or do not line up but, if it bothers you, definitely go see if there's one that lines up better. If it'll bug you then switch it and be happy. :smile:
  12. If you are not happy with it... And I mean I am assuming the two pics are of the same bag, then definitely exchange it. I mean if it was me, my perfectionist tendencies would but shooting to the skies over that. There will be plenty for you to choose from!
  13. I would exchange point blank. The company is charging you for precision and quality (extraordinary quality). If they don't provide that precision, they should get it back. People work hard (or not) for their $$ and LV should earn theirs. Good luck!
  14. If you're not 100% happy with your purchase then by all means exchange it. I have the GM version and it's slightly misaligned on one side, but as long as there's no cracking or the bag isn't sneaking out at night to strangle the neighbours then I'm personally fine with it.

  15. Love this mindset!