Crossbody/swingpack.. Anyone own it??!!!

  1. So.. I haven't really been happy about my legacy purchase, so for some reason I've been searching bags on eBay. I purchased a red hobo that I hope I love when I get it and there was a crossbody that seemed like a really good price. I have an older swingpack but i don't use it too often anymore b/c I don't really like it. So... I saw this one, it was smaller, cuter and the strap wasn't so thick. Does anyone own this bag and how much did you pay for it?

    [​IMG] I got it with the white detailing though.
  2. no one??:confused1:
  3. I got two of these in November at one of the Vegas outlets (one in black sig and one like you posted). They were Christmas gifts for my 15 & 16 year olds. We are taking a European cruise the end of May and these will be perfect for them to use.

    I think I paid $45-ish or so? I'll dig out my receipts and post back if I'm way off.
  4. bumpity bump... can't believe no one has it? am I silly for getting it?
  5. I looked at it last year for my DIL and the SA advised against it so I bought her a hobo.

    Personnally I love swingpacks/messengers but I find this one would just be too small.
  6. I have this bag in black. I bought it because I don't like the look of the swingpacks and I wanted a small crossbody bag for long walks and outdoor events in which I don't need to carry much on me (keys, cell phone, small wallet, etc...). I even wore it while inline skating one day. I like that the strap is thin and made of leather.

    I bought it at an outlet for $56.00.