Crossbody style - flap, zipper, saddle

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  1. HI,
    I'm in the market for crossbody bags for evening and travel and I wanted to ask if you guys have any preference. I am looking for bags that I can wear for evening and also traveling (multi tasker lol).
    I noticed there are many different styles and I am leaning more towards the bag with some shape to it (semi structured but not too heavy). Which style do you own and do you recommend it?
    Also I want something with a removable shoulder strap. Ahh there are so many choices.
  2. Not full flap for sure. It takes so much space just to open it so you have to shout " watch out"...
    What size crossbody do you want? I am not an expert on high designer brands but girls will help.. I would say Tumi.
  3. Hello!

    I had many crossbody bags in my life. I leaned that I mostly like half-moon shape with at least a zipper. If you intend to travel on the subway when you're in a big city, zipper (also with a flap) is a good way to keep away from pickpockets. I suggest to not buy a too big crossbody bag. You don't want to hurt your shoulder if you walk for a long period of time.

    Have a nice day!
  4. I'm not sure about your price range, but you can check out Massaccesi mini Zhoe at the 200+ euros range. You can choose the leather type. It has flap closure, but since they customize, you can maybe inquire about additional zipper closure under the flap. You can opt for an all leather strap (for a small fee), while their default is combination leather and chain.
  5. I love my LV saumur 30. It has a buckle instead of zipper though but it doesn't bother me too much.
  6. Hi,
    Can you explain what you mean by "you have to shout watch out"?
    I like the look of flap but I would feel more safe if it has a zipper closure in addition to the flap.
    I see some of the bags have half leather, half chain strap. Would these be too heavy since the chain strap?
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    Regular full flap is about 10 inches wide, to open your bag in a crowded place you will have literally to move people out. Then you have to lift the flap up vertically to see your staff. Not to mention, everybody else will see the inside of your bag. I won't call it safe. Ideal crossbody for traveling is the one with multiple zippers, so you only open one compartment at a time. It significally reduces the chance of dropping smth when looking for things. For example, my pasport and boarding pass in one usually back outside pocket, and nothing else there.
    Can't talk about chain straps coz I hate them. I bought one bag with cs and it was a great mistake. That strap glued to the magnet clouser like crazy....
  8. Zipper. I do have a Mully Antony Messenger and a Love Moschino shoulder bag which both have a small flap, and an Adax saddle bag but my preference is absolutely a zipper. Flaps drive me mad, and the Ant is the only one of the three that I use more or less regularly. I need quick and easy access, and Ant only gets away with the flap because of the postman's lock which I love and the fact that the whole bag is divine and brilliant.
  9. Long time ago, at Dillards I was looking at Furla full flap bag. Beautiful thing with suede lining. 50% off. I put it on me as crossbody and tried to open to see how it operates. First-I had to step back from the shelf to get some more room for the flap to go all way up, then I realized that I still can not see the inside of the bag but other people can. :roflmfao:I put it back on shelf and said-never, no matter how nice it looks.
  10. I like the Fendi Peekaboo mini. When closed the locks are pretty secure and you can divide your stuff among the two compartments. The openings are not too big to make it a security issue. Something like the Gucci Soho Disco might also be nice for your purpose.
  11. My current fav is mz wallace pippa. Detachable adjustable strap, nylon body that looks great and yet is low maintenance and cleans well too. Pocket friendly price tag.

    Rebecca minkoff mini mac is cute and popular too. Lots of color to choose from.