Crossbody strap extenders?

  1. So, I'm 5"10" - and I'm not a willowy, delicate slender tall. I'm a sturdy, Amazonian-built girl. :p

    I have the legs of somebody 5'7" with about an extra 3" added onto my upper body. So, between being well-built AND having a longer torso, it seems like almost none of the crossbody bags sit where they should - they sit higher, almost on my waist. Has anybody seen or used any good solutions to make the straps longer that don't look absolutely ridiculous.

    I LOVE my spotlight, but I carry the long strap like a tote - it just doesn't sit low enough to look right crossbody on me. I had pink siggy poppy pocket hobo and ended up selling it because I couldn't use it crossbody. Same deal with my Pop C Jazzy. Still have her, but SO wish I could wear her crossbody!

    So, my fellow coachies ... any ideas?
  2. If you have a good hardware store nearby, you might just find plenty of those clips right there. :smile: Our local "Do It" center (kind of like a small Lowe's or Home Depot) has literally an entire wall of every type of clip you could imagine. (And a *lot* cheaper than 7.99. Yikes.)
  3. Hi,
    If you have a Lowes or even Walmart near you, go to the Hardware section. You will find swivel trigger snaps (Dog leash clip). They range in price and size. I have gotten 2 of them for less than $5!! I have even spray painted them to try and match the hardware on my purse. (They come in Brass and Silver)
    A fellow Coachie posted a picture so I saved it to know what to look for!


    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. I usually use the Trigger Key Rings that Coach sells. I get them when there is a PCE and try to get the new colours when they are released, though I believe they always have brown and black in stock. If you have a ROOTS store near you, they also have the Valet Key Fobs that you can use as extenders. HTH :smile:!
  5. Wow! Cool .. my post seems so expensive now :sad:. I am going to look into this! Thanks for posting :smile:!
  6. Hi,
    Here is another picture of an actual trigger swivel snap that I have.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  7. Hi,
    I have looked at the Coach key fobs (at the outlet) and debated about using them. Too expensive! Greater variety found at Lowes. Better prices too!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. Yeah, and our local hardware store has all three of those styles ... one-spring-opening swivel (in luvselvis's second pic), two-spring-openings non-swivel (in her fist pic), as well as the style of clip that Coach themselves recently changed to (far right of her second pic). Plus even more styles, in all sorts of colors and all sorts of sizes.

    Seriously, before using those online places, just try the local hardware stores and hardware sections.
  9. Hi,
    You are right! The swivel snaps and clips from Hardware store are way cheaper. The 2nd picture I posted is part of my Coach strap of my Studded Kristin. I called Coach and emailed them. They don't have extra clips which I think it totally dumb. Us taller girls need longer straps!

    Lynne :biggrin:

  10. Yes, yes we do! And Coach is poopy for not acknowledging that! Clothes aren't one-size fits all, purse straps shouldn't be either. :p

    I really don't like the look of the double-ended snaps. I use those to hang my horse's waterbuckets in their stalls and can't get that imagine out of my head. I don't think I could put one on my pretty purses.

    Anybody ever use a chain like one of these:

    I'm thinking with it doubled with both ends attached to the purse and looping through the strap's clip, it might look all right ...
  11. LOL - I don't have horses or any other pets so I haven't thought of that. I have never used a chain either. It looks like it might work.
    Good Luck!

    Lynne :biggrin:
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    That's 'silver-coach', and they have a lot of auctions on eBay as well. Depending on the size/color of the strap you're trying to match, they *might* have actual leather strap extenders (pre-made) that might match.

    These are their "pre-made" extenders:

    Their leather is decent -- I have at least three straps from them, that I use to turn top-handles into shoulder-bags as well, plus a strap I purchased to replace a missing strap on a vintage Spectator Court.

    If they don't have anything that matches, one or two dog-leash clips from the hardware store, perhaps also joined/incorporated with "plain old keyring loops" of matching color (also found at hardware stores) might work.

    I actually keep a couple 'single-snap' swivel dogleash clips with extra keyring loops already attached, lying handy on the shelves where I store my bags. It lets you adjust the lengths of many straps quickly and easily.
  13. I bet you have one heck of a time finding cross-body bags because I'm only 5'6" and I don't like where most of Coach's X-body bags land on me!!! IMO X-body bags should land at your hip at the top of the bag or atleast the middle of the bag!!!

    Sadly other then adding the dogleash clasps shown above the only luck I've had is with standard colored straps like blacks and browns!!!

    Heck, I even have 1 extra dogleash clasp on my Zoe's and Carly's for a longer drop!!!
    Best of luck, and if I see or think of anything that'll help out I'll be sure and post it!!!
  14. I just got the large sophia dot op art in purple and want this bag to be crossbody. I was in the boutique the other day and the SA and I were playing around with dog clips and it actually worked. Going to head to the hardware store and get me some.

    ITA, COACH should sell longer straps or dog clasps separate for us tall girls. so frustrating to find a bag you LOVE and not be able to wear it the way you want because of your height!