Crossbody Smackdown

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  1. I am trying to find a preloved cross body for upcoming travel. What is your favorite
    crossbody style (old or new) and why?

    Modeling pics would be much appreciated!!:biggrin:
  2. i have bloomsbury pm and odeon pm and love them both. wonderful for travel or day tripping. i bought my odeon used and it had quite a bit of patina, so that saved $ and also made me not worry about the vachetta. highly recommend both.
  3. speedy B or pochette metis. I don't have either of them, but both these bag look great.
  4. Alma bb in black
  5. I purchased a vintage saumur 30 & then sold it...I found the double sided flaps with buckle closure were just too difficult to get in & out of. The strap also got quite uncomfortable after a full day of wear. I wouldn't recommend it!
  6. For travel I would say hands down, speedy b in the larger sizes, or a keepall. The speedy b 35 or 40 is prefect if you want it to be both a handbag and a travel bag.
  7. I have the Speed B in DE which I think is the most incredible everyday cross body bag!


    Im 5''4-5 for reference and its the 25 size :smile:
  8. How much do you usually carry with you in your handbags?
  9. Bloomsbury GM - big enough to carry an iPad and the necessities but slim against the Jody - which is especially helpful in busy cities or ancient sites which tend to be very small
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392150460.588156.jpg

    In honor of the Olympics - here's the bloom in London
  11. Bloomsbury all the way!! I have the pm and its the best cross body bag ever. Its very lightweight and can fit alot.
  12. I have an Odeon PM and LOVE it!
  13. Speedy B - lightweight, comfortable and holds a ton.
  14. TY all! Excellent feedback! I tend to carry more when traveling. iPad, large sunglasses, wallet, passports, sanitizer. I prefer a sleeker silhouette.

    Thanks especially for the info on the Saumur! Almost pulled the trigger on one!
  15. My pick is the Besace. It is worry free and comfortable to wear.

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