Crossbody/Shoulder Bay

  1. Anyone got one of these? I saw it in store today and I have to say I am loving it!
  2. I adore this bag, Jag has some piccies of it being carried, and it just sits so nicely :smile:

    are you tempted by this more than the quilted now Miss B ;)
  3. This would be the only bay I would consider!
  4. Hi - yes I am, not keen on the quilted one now I have seen it

    I tried the hobo one today and loved it!
  5. Sorry a Paddington question! I saw a Paddington today in Harrods, which was kind of pearlished...if you get what I mean, in a cream colour. Do you know what the correct colour name is?
  6. Thats the Bay bag I want!

  7. Miss B is it the taupe or cream metallic that NAP have? I think it looks like that on screen
  8. I dont think it was a metallic as it was £794 (the regular leather price) It was so much softer than any of the other colours tho...I cant see it on LVR
  9. From your description I think it must be Galet :yes: LVR have Galet pictures for you to compare against.

    :back2topic: I really like the Bay Hobo and will try it out for size when I am next in London. I have a feeling it will be too large on me though :push:
  10. thanks B, I will check it out on LVR

    where are you in the UK? I love the Bay Hobo..I didnt find it too big, but a good size!

  11. I live in Northampton but am in London frequently with work so can nip to one of the boutiques or department stores for a quick look. I find messenger bags hard to carry off because I am quite small but I am hoping that this one will look ok as I really like it and I don't have a messenger bag in my collection :yes:
  12. I am small too...only 5ft, it was fine on me!
  13. Sounds like I am going to love it then Miss B :graucho:

    Not good news for my wallet..........:sweatdrop:
  14. no I know what you mean! I have a spy on the way too!
  15. :nuts: Jaaaaa, that's exactly the bay bag I want to have :yes: I like asked for the lengh of the shoulder strap at luisaviaroma's customer service and whether you can carry it as crossbody-bag. They told me it's about 93cm long . So possible to carry it messenger style.....:love: