Crossbody or backpack?

  1. I currently have the Totally MM (LOVE!) but sometimes wish for a hands free bag that will accommodate my zippy organizer wallet and perhaps a sunglass case. I've tried on the Bloomsbury and the Odeon, but the straps tend to dig in to my sensitive shoulder (I find the Totally straps are fantastic - I had a Neverfull and sold it because of the strap issue).

    I've recently started to consider a backpack; I do have a tendence to like a sporty look. But is that too much? I'm 44, sporty, work at a University and will be teaching in the fall (so I will still use my Totally sometimes). Any hands free ideas that I'm missing? I heard there are some newer bags in the men's line that have nice, thick straps that might be better....

    I forgot to add that I enjoy looking girlie and worry that a backpack might scream 44 year old trying to look too young/unstylish. I love style and dress very classic/sporty.
  2. I have 2 very chic clients about your age who carry the monogram backpack. It suits their style and looks great on them. I say go for it.
  3. Thank you!! I can't wait to go try it ;)
  4. Btw, they both carry the backpack in a very casual, nonchalant way on one shoulder only.
  5. I like the idea of the casual, carefree aspect a backpack provides. I just worry that I will look too 'sporty' but your feedback provides much reassurance. :smile:
  6. Crossbody. Way more stylish.
  7. I just recently thought about getting the Montsouris MM for my trip to Maine in a few weeks. Sometimes you really need a backpack, and why not have a stylish one!
  8. I would definitely take a look at the men's line for a crossbody, messenger style bag! Some of them have really nice, wide straps made from webbing material. Or you could look at the Speedy B with an extra long strap to wear crossbody.
  9. I bought the backpack last August and I LOVE it. I am NOT very sporty and I still rock the hell out of that bag when I need to be hands free:smile: I took it for a trip to Chicago with two littles ones and I got SO many compliments and one LV lover who came up to me and wanted me to give her a whole review on the bag:smile: It is not an every day bag for me, but I have definitely gotten much use out of it between class field trips this past year with my son, zoo and museum trips with both kids, the Chicago trip and plan on using it at Disney World in September. I Think it would be an awesome campus bag - I only wish that I had it when I worked and went to school on University campus:smile:
  10. I purchased a backpackpack from the men's line - I think its called the "Paulk". In my opinion it is a very stylish backpack and it has silver hardware (which I love). It also has thicker straps which is great..... you might want to take a look at this one.
  11. Backpack! it's more way stylish! :urock:
  12. I personally like a cross body bag rather than backpack. I think Saumur is a very beautiful bag and to me it looks stylish and sporty at the same time.
  13. I have both the saumur from cruise but I don't like how they look on me across-body so I only ever shoulder carry them. I would go for the backpack ..have you seen the new light one like the practical ... it can be folded up into the pocket..very light and good for travel:smile:
  14. That sounds amazing! I live in St. Louis but we are headed to Minnesota for vacation with a stop at the LV store :smile: I plan to try on as many styles as possible.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am definitely over the fear of the backpack being too sporty :smile:
  15. I like the Mntsouris...would like to have one too someday