Crossbody/Messenger styles?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new to the boards and a fan of Tokidoki bags. Although I have yet to own one, I think they're adorable. I hope this hasn't been asked before, I didn't see any threads when I tried the search.

    I've been on the hunt for a nice crossbody/messenger style purse for quite awhile now and noticed that LeSportSac offers some. I am not too familiar with the different Tokidoki style names, but I do know that you can wear the Ciao Ciao crossbody. However, I carry WAAAY too much stuff and I would assume the Ciao Ciao would look puffy and misshapen.

    What other styles can be worn crossbody? I can't tell from looking at pictures online if the straps can be loosened long enough to wear comfortably that way. Do any of you have pictures wearing the bags messenger style? This would be so helpful!

    Thank you very much in advance ;)
  2. Well, there's the ciao that can be worn as a messenger (one ciao, not two!), it's itty bitty, though, I have one, and can't make up my mind about whether I like it or not, I've only worn it once.

    There's also the bambinone, which I don't own, but hear good things about.

    campeggio and stellina have the same style, but campeggio is larger.

    There's also corrieres, but I don't believe I've seen a picture of someone wearing this, so I'm not sure about it.

    Anywho, here's a post that Bubblesung made with a lot of bag styles to show the size and whatnot:
  3. Def. a corriere! It's AWESOME. You can wear it crossbody comfortably unlike stellinas or bambinone. They also hold a lot of stuff! It looks weirdly shaped in the pictures, but when it is laying across your hip, it looks normal and not odd. However, if you want to like use it to carry binders/folders I would go with the campeggio instead.
  4. Campeggio or corriere. I think the stellina is too small.
  5. Sounds like a Campeggio would be great for you...or maybe a Cucciolo (especially if you carry a laptop; people use the baby changing pad as a laptop pad), or if you get lucky enough, an Andiamo, which is huge but discontinued. :sad:
  6. I agree with the above posts... here's my experience :smile: Since I'm bored at work and I have nothing else to do :heart:

    - Ciao Ciao do get bulky but some people don't mind that. I'd wear it so it folds over but it's kinda sucky to get things out of sometimes

    - Ciao too small if you need a lot of space here's what I fit in mine before
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    it doesn't look that bulky but yeah :shrugs:

    - Bambinone is one of my fave bags :smile: It fits a lot and it still looks small! I usually carry a water bottle, my checkbook, ds lite, and could probably fit every one in the picture above in my bag with a little room to spare. The only bad thing is that if you stuff it a little too much on one side and the same on the other the fabric may get stuck in the zipper so you have to tug the zipper straight and pull to avoid the fabric snare.

    - Corriere is kind of weird at times since if you're small and you stuff it too much it'll stick out from your body and feel a little weird but if it's just right it'll mold to your body

    - Stellina has a kind of shorter strap (shorter than the bambinone or that's how it feels) and rides a little too high on me personally to feel comfortable but has pockets for organization

    - Campeggio is like a regular book bag/messenger bag which is great if you're looking for that

    - Cucciolo is like the above bag except it's longer instead of taller and has a changing pad which like someone said some people use to wrap their laptop with.

    hope that helps :smile:
  7. i love the ciao ciao for the messenger style i also use the campeggio. the other styles are just too small for me. but i would definitely say i love my ciao ciao the most.
  8. Hi everybody! Thank you so much for the help, pictures and links. I haven't decided yet, but all the information is super helpful!
  9. Yup I say Campeggio, I have 2 and theyre great, I do wish I could get a cucciolo though.