Crossbody Delightful PM?

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  1. Question about the Delightful PM (new model). Can it be worn crossbody with another strap? If so, please advise and pics if possible.

    I think I'm falling for this bag❣❣
  2. Have no picture at hand, but I do use it crossbody with a keepall strap - though any other, not too thin LV strap would probably also work. It's actually quite comfortable 😄!
  3. I'd love to see a delightful with a cross body strap. I literally just bought a de delightful today. Hubby surprised me and let me pick a special something.

  4. Found these pictures in the delightful clubhouse. Hope they help. ;)

    I remember reading somewhere that you have to find a strap where the clasps are big enough to fit over the big rings on the delightful.
  5. As requested, here's a picture I posted last year showcasing the Delightful PM w/crossbody strap attached.

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  6. Thank you for the link.. I'm not completely sure it would work for me. However, the Delightful is getting my attention❣
  7. Looks great!!!
  8. Very special hubby❣ Please, give us your thoughts on this bag... I'm loving all prints 😍😍😍 but thinking mono/Azur with splash of color inside but I've not got a DE yet....
  9. LV sales a crossbody strap that works great for delightful

    It's called strap if you look it up on the website and cost $300 unless the price has gone up
  10. I'm needing to make a visit to LV for a little dress up 😍
  11. this has been my dilemma with this bag!! I know lv sells one but the $319 price tag is ugh!! I've found some that look promising on etsy - mcraftleather for $89 or on valuebelts can custom oder a vachetta strap with an oring I think but just haven't pulled the trigger.
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