Crossbody defined

  1. Greetings from Huntington Beach! I am puzzled :confused1: by the term Crossbody. I see it everywhere but don't know what it means. I always assumed crossbody meant a strap long enough to sling over your shoulder and across your body for additional security, but I have seen shoulder bags called a crossbody where the strap is way too short for that. I own a Betsey Johnson crossbody and it fits snugly under my shoulder. The strap is described as a 21" drop and if this handle is 21 " then I'm 21 years old again! ;)

    BTW, when the strap length is described, where does the strap begin? Does it begin with the hinge on the side of the purse, or does it begin only where the strap is Free of the purse? :shrugs:


  2. I always thought that a crossbody went across the body, too. So, I have no idea why your Betsey Johnson doesn't. :shrugs:

    I think that the length of the strap includes the part where it overlaps the bag, if you KWIM?
  3. Can you show a pic of your particular bag? personal or stock photos.

    Usually straps are measured by the drop... from the apex of the strap, to the top portion of the bag.

    Sometimes crossbody straps are measured by actual length of strap, sometimes not.

    Crossbody IS meantt o be worn ACROSS THE BODY... so it's a little odd that they're calling your bag a crossbody.

    Maybe the bag is convertible and you dont know it?

    I know that's an odd thing to say, but who knows, I dont know which bag you're talking about.

    Maybe there's a detachable strap somewhere?

    I know i'm confused. ;)