Crossbody bags?

  1. im looking for a Chanel crossbody that's about the size of a med/large classic flap. But I don't want to spend more than 4000
    I was desperately searching for the Madamoiselle Chic Flap from last year as it's perfect but I can't seem to locate one. I love that it's reminiscent of the class flap but cheaper and can go crossbody.
    Any ideas?
  2. Would you consider the preloved route? I assumed you want to get the a similiar design to a classic flap. Theres some great prices preloved jumbos, reissues & m/l flaps (older m/l might be able to be crossbody compare to current ones) that is less than $4k.

    Aside of that, for non-flap look under $4k that could fit as much as m/l, you are spoiled for choices, from medium coco handles, medium business affinity flap, boys (pre-loved) etc. Hope you'll find one that you love. Good luck.
  3. I was in the same boat as you, wanting a crossbody flap the size of m/l . Agree with above on preloved route - for$4k you can get a reissue which can go crossbody.
  4. I had a jumbo and sold it because I'm short and it was way too long crossbody on me and way too big on general in proportion to me. Reissues confuse me. Which size/number combo would I be searching for that would be size of med/large flap and go crossbody?
  5. The rock my shoulder is a good seasonal option for cross body,
  6. 225 would be the comparable size. I just bought one preloved (a seasonal 225) yesterday so will let you know when I receive it later this week if others haven't chimed in.
    I have the 224 and it is comparable to mini.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Thanks!
  9. I bought the medium Filigree flap last year for the exact reasons. It has a veristile strap (4 grommets so you can wear it on your shoulder or cross body). It's also fully lined with leather. It's lightweight and fits as much, if not slightly more than a medium flap. It retails for $3,300. It's a great value for the size. I use it as my everyday bag and it has held up amazingly well.
  10. Here you go: m/l vs 225 (note this is accordion style which is wider but same length as the reissue)

    M/l is slightly longer 10" compared with 225 9.5"

    225 worn crossbody - I'm 160cm. strap drop is similar to square mini. Definitely longer than m/l
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  11. Thanks everyone! I bought myself this reissue 226!
    Photo May 12, 7 11 33 PM.jpg
  12. This is beautiful! Caviar + Reissue. Congrats! Would you mind sharing the code? Wondering if they have other colors. :smile:
  13. Unfortunately I don't know the code. I bought it second hand. I believe it was from 2012
  14. Gorgeous congrats!!! Love that combo
  15. Congrats!! Love this color and the hardware color.
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