Crossbody bag. Saumur, Odeon or Trocadero?

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  1. It's all in the title! I am looking for a handy and comfy crossbody bag, nothing too large. Mainly used for shopping trips sightseeing etc. I am usually a big bag girl, so all advice welcome. It might be something else as the three I mentioned. No speedy, as I have a speedy 35 and fancy another style. I
  2. I speak from no experience, but right now the Saumur is on my short list, so pretty and different. Love to know what you finally decide!
  3. I like the Saumur the best :smile:
  4. I searched high and low last year for an LV crossbody and girl, I tried them all!! Ultimately I got the Odeon PM and I absolutely love it!! Like you I gravitate towards big bags but I find that the Odeon PM fits everything I need to carry. It lays nice and flat against the body and has a zipper top and an exterior pocket. Personally I think a zipper top and an exterior pocket are essentials for a crossbody. I can access everything I need with one hand while the bag is on my body. I carry my phone and Cles in the exterior pocket and inside I carry my Sarah wallet, cosmetic pouch, sunglasses in their case, and tissues. Mine has the "old cell phone pocket" so In the pocket I carry a lip gloss and a pen.

    I found the Samur difficult to get into. The whole buckle thing annoyed me. Also the front pouch back pouch thing and lack of an exterior pocket. It also didn't lay nicely against my body. I originally wanted the Bloomsbury but didn't get it because my BFF already had it. You could say I bought the Odeon because it fit my needs for a crossbody and not because I loved it. Surprisingly I fell totally in love with it for it's terrific functionality and its one of my most favorite bags!! I will post pics when I get home.

  5. Thanks for the info, looking forward to your pics.
  6. The Odeon PM is my favorite crossbody bag. It's lightweight and comfortable. I always reach for it if I will be shopping or out for long periods of time as I love big bags too.
  7. Odeon PM is a great bag. I tried it on yesterday and was on the edge of getting it, but decided to get Speedy B instead, because I wanted my bag to hold a little bit more. Odeon was comfortable to wear and it looks cute. It was slightly bigger than I had originally thought it would be which was a pleasant surprise!
  8. Here you go! I'm 5'2" and 115 pounds for reference. Note: I also carry my sunglasses and my phone (not shown in pic),

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  9. Bloomsbury PM might be a bit small for you since you mentioned you preferred big bags, otherwise I would recommend it. For me it is really the perfect LV crossbody bag :love:

    If you don't mind buying preloved, you might consider Bloomsbury GM ?
  10. Had a Saumur but sold it. It just didn't work for me. Loved how it looked but it was a pain to get into with the buckle. I would have loved if it had a magnetic closure instead.
  11. i have both the bloomsbury and odeon and love them both. neither one attracted me at first. i thought they were a little plain.well, to use them is to love them . both of them . i would never part with either. they are comfortable, and both have a front pocket. the best for travel or long shopping days. can't speak to the saumur or trocadero. i have never tried them in person. best of luck!
  12. I have speedy B. I love it but the strep is thin so my shoulder gets hurt if I cross body for long hours.

    I love to buy Torocadero 27. Because there is the shoulder pad for the bag, I like it. It would be very comfy for daily use.
  13. Love the odeon.
  14. Odeon! But try the Bloomsbury too.