Cross your fingers for me, first Kooba

  1. Hey yall, I'm Brandi, a newbie.

    The Kooba website says that the red Elisha is available:yahoo:. I missed the ones on eBay and active endeavors cancel my order for one a few weeks ago because they said they were out of stock, so hopefully I will get one soon.

    I told myself I would pay full price for one if I had to, and if I find one somewhere else I can always return the one from the Kooba website right?

    Anyways it is good to be here and posting not just lurking like I usually do. So cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you can because I really want one. I dont even carry a purse, just a backpack for work. :tup:
  2. That's great! I bought a bag from the Kooba site myself a while ago and it came in excellent time and beautifully wrapped. You should have no trouble returning it in case you don't like it. But, what's not to like?
  3. Yep, Red Elishas can be found....for a price. At this point, if I didn't have one I would buy it from Kooba. 535.00 is not sooo really bad for a great bag that you will keep forever.
    Welcome Brandi!
  4. Welcome!!!
  5. I think I'd ask to see some pics of where the leather has been rubbed off and the wear that the seller talks about. Says its minor but . . . if you are as anal as I am, then it would be a big deal.
  6. I agree. Look how dark those handles are for some reason. The seller doesn't show good pics of the wear. I bet she was a constant hand lotion user.
  7. Agree youngster, think the red could look really worn when rubbed...

    Welcome here, Brandi, nothing like a brand new, in plastic, from Kooba itself, got my Cognac Sienna that way..pricey but flawless:heart:
  8. I got a confirmation, says it will be mailed out today:wlae:

    I dont think I can sleep now. Must look for a new wallet for my Kooba.
  9. Wow, congratulations BranRN. It's a gorgeous looking bag and always nice to get it straight from Kooba themselves. Can't wait for you to show us some pics.