Cross one off my wishlist

  1. I ordered my Zucca Spy from this morning while waiting for the rest of my coworkers to trudge in through the monsoon we had here in NY today. Good thing too, because after I put in my order I clicked back to look at it again...and it was gone from the site.

    I had actually bought it at Saks back in September when a friend and I went to that "Want It!" Fall premier night, but I had buyer's remorse and returned it. It's haunted me ever since.

    I'll have to post pics when it arrives. Yay!!!
  2. Congrats!
  3. congrats on a fab bag! I have a zucca spy and love it... you'll find that it goes with everything!:heart:
  4. Yay! I have it too, its just so perfect:heart:. I actually liked it better than the leather ones the first time I saw them
  5. post pics when you get it....does it have the tortuga spy glass handle?

    like this one:
  6. Congrats... You will love it.
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. Congrats. Looking forward to your pics. =)
  9. congrats to your spy purchase!!!
  10. congrats!! :biggrin: