Cross grained leather straps instead of vachetta?

  1. I saw this picture from let-trade and I am wondering if this was a special order with cross grained leather (the interior of wallets) or just a very dark patina? I am hoping it is a patina because I love the way it looks!:love:

  2. I think the earlier Papillions came with the darker leather. Not sure what years..but its an earlier version. LET-TRADE is ok. He sells real stuff.
  3. I actually like the papillons with the darker water spots to worry about and it is so pretty!
  4. It does look like crossgrain leather. You can see the cross hatches across the leather. I like it. I would suggest e-mailing let-trade and asking. I have heard great things about that seller, and I am sure s/he would be happy to help you.
  5. they use to use that leather before, The leather is treated that way
  6. This style of Papillon with the cross-grain leather handles and trim was discontinued around 2001. I have the Pap 26 and I adore it! No worries about naked vachetta and I can use it rain or shine! It was not a special order item.
  7. well we have the response now thanks to addictedtolv!