Cross Country Trip.... where do we go???

  1. Since we lost my Dad, my Mom and I have been itching to get out of the house. So we've been redecorating our house and doing things just to keep us busy.

    So... we've decided that we're going to take a cross country road trip with me at the wheel!!!

    As soon as I get my new Pontiac Torrent (albeit after my Dad's life insurance check comes in and we have that money) and as soon as we have a yard sale to rid the house of unnecessary clutter and as soon as I finish this semester at school... the first day of May we let out on this trip!

    So our first scheduled stop is the Elizabethtown/Bardstown area. (We're from we've never been there, lol.) We spend one night there, then it's on to visit family in Chicago. Then the South Dakota to like the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore and Little Bighorn...places like that. Then to Yakima WA to see more family. While we're in WA we're going to Seattle.

    So my question is....what's between here and there for us to stop at? We thought about taking Rte 66, but decided not to. So anything between here and there PLEASE give us some ideas. We're not doing this on a huge budget, but we just need to do something. Together.

    But anyway, any suggestions??

  2. Missy, I'm sorry your dad passed. {{HUGS}}
  3. Hi, so sorry about your Dad.

    Regarding the trip that sounds like fun btw, I'm not familiar with the areas you mentioned, except for Mt. Rushmore when you hit So. Dakota.
    And I would advise to go to AAA (if you're member, if not definitely join) and get a "triptik". Have them map out where you want to go, it helps a lot to know where and how close you are to the next gas stations, food and lodging.

    Have fun and be safe!
  4. Sorry about your dad {hugs!}

    DH and I moved from Philadelphia to Seattle, and we drove across the country one summer - we stopped for as many goofy/interesting things as we could. I loved seeing the sunflowers in Kansas. In addition to the places you mention we drove through Yellowstone National Park, stopped to see Old Faithful, saw the Grand Tetons. Devil's Tower was an interesting stop, and the "Corn Palace" in South Dakota. Also, although it sounded kind of boring at the time, there is some really interesting information on the Oregon Trail. A lot of people died on their way out west, and they were buried along the trail. The trail was so heavily used that the ruts made by the wagon wheels got really deep. If you come up thru Oregon, there are some areas where parts of the trail are preserved, and you can still see the ruts. Also stop by Mt. St. Helens and see the volcano.

    This is a great idea. You will have a blast!
  5. I had read about the Corn Palace and I had thought about it. I even mentioned it to my Mom today. She was a little.....weirded out by the name of the place but said if we see one, why not stop!?
  6. I don't have any ideas for the trip but I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope you and your Mom are doing ok.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad!

    As for what's along the way, I guess it depends on your route. Sounds like you'll be going the northern way on your way out. Do you plan on taking a different route on the way back? If so, there's lots to see/do in UT and CO. Wyoming is a pretty state. Montana has Glacier National Park which should be (mostly) open by the time you get up that way. I also saw the recommendation of Yellowstone which is also a good one. I'm sure you'll pass through at least one Native American reservation which can sometimes be interesting (depending on what all the tribe has open). If you're thinking Rte 66, you'll be going south (way south) since it runs through New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma (among many others). If you wind up going that far south, PM me and I can help you out with stuff to do in New Mexico and parts of Colorado.

    have a safe trip!
  8. If you make it through Nebraska, stop off at Chimney Rock. That is amazing!
  9. And to add, as others have said, I am so sorry about your Father! I think it is so amazing that you and your Mom are going to take this trip. This will be something that the two of you will remember and cherish for the remainder of your lives! Take TONS of pics and maybe make her a photo album for Christmas! How wonderful for the two of you!!!!!!!!! :love:
  10. My thing is the Native American Reservation there in South Dakota, Pine Ridge, so that's why were stopping in South Dakota. I'm actually part Cherokee and not Lakota, but I still love the people. So that's why Mama suggested we go there.

    As for our route back, idk if it will be different from our route going there.....I might have to ask Mama about that.

    Speaking of TONS of pictures, my major is Photography! So Mama wants me to take some really amazing pictures and she wants to put them up around the house....

    This is going to be good for us. I'm so excited about the fact that I'll be driving in my new car!!! WHOO HOO!!!
  11. Missy, sorry to hear about your father.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your father.

    Sounds like you are taking the northern route, I always went the south way, but yes, you'll run into some reservations along the way. Especially in Yakama! My MIL is from White Salmon, and about 8 years ago I took her to visit her brother.

    One thing though, if you wish to take pictures of any of the Peoples (American Indian) "doing something traditional" ask if it's okay if you can take a photograph. Many of the elders especially consider it bad luck and it may ruin their work of disturbed by a flash.

    Have fun, you deserve it!
  13. Sorry to hear about your Dear Dad Missy. Hugs to you and your Mum.
  14. Oh yeah Speedy. Believe me, I know all the rules with the Lakota.
  15. Sorry to hear about your father.

    A trip with your mother sounds nice. I did a cross country trip 5 years ago and it still makes it into my daily conversations. Utah is chock full of national parks. it's a wonder. Highly recommend going to a few, like Zion and Arches. Yellowstone in WY is great. The smell not so great. Mount Rushmore is good too, but stop by the Crazy Horse monument right around the bend from Mt. Rushmore. It's quite interesting in itself. I also stopped by Vegas, SF and LA, and Yosemite. It was action packed 2 wks but definitely memorable. Have a great trip! BTW, if u r planning to stop at more than one national parks during your trip, I HIGHLY recommend you get the national park annual pass. It's around $50 or so, and it will get you into ALL national parks for free. Worth every penny