Cross Body Paddy from ebay?

  1. I just won a CB Paddy on eBay today and now I'm starting to have doubts about it since there're so many fake Chloe around. I first got the cross body paddy from the Saks sale but I was foolish enough to return it because I "thought" I didn't need it at that time. After I went back and tried to get it again it's gone!:crybaby: I am paying more than what Saks was selling!! I just want to know if you guys have seen any fake cross body paddy around? I've been looking at those fake/replica websites and I think I'm safe so far.
  2. Why don't you post the link in the Authentication thread so lovely TPFers can give their opinions on it so that way you would be able to know...:yes:
  3. This thread is going to get locked because you have to post authentification questions in the authentification thread. I have a CB paddington and will happily help you if you post there or PM me. I have seen a fake cross body for the first time today on ebay, hope yours isn't fake! :sad:
  4. wow, i didnt know theres a fake cross-body. can u pls post pix?
  5. Posted the pics in the "beware the fakes" thread in Chloé shopping. Honestly by some fluke it could not be fake but the lock is SUPER shiny, I´ve also googled and found the cross-body mentioned on replica sites, so I assume they are faked.
  6. Oh my god!! I'm terribly worried!!:sad: :wtf: I bought from this seller called Issacsmoma and I just read a thread saying that the lock is too shiny! She doesn't accept returns either. What am I going to do?? I thought I had done enough homework on searching for CB replicas before bidding but I guess not.:crybaby: Thanks for all your replies! My friend actually has one from Saks and I think I will compare it with hers. Right now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. I will be so mad to be paying $860 for a fake!!
  7. Are the photos you have seen the same as in this link.

    This is the dodgy seller I mentioned, I am even more suspicious now, as 2 of the bags that were supposedly sold, have been relisted, and 1 bid on both, of a lot of money, I am very suspicious indeed.

  8. I've just received the bag today!! Can somebody teach me how to post pictures so you guys can help me see if it's real? It looks genuine and it still has Saks tag attached on the outside. I really love the bag but I just don't want to think it's 100% authentic yet until you people tell me it is!
  9. Hi, I've attached the photos of the bag I took just now. Please give me some comments!! TIA!!
    DSC00001.JPG DSC00002.JPG DSC00006.JPG
  10. Looks good -but wait for Kisa's verdict. BTW as she said, this should really be in the authenticate thread.
  11. Looking good! :nuts:
  12. Just returned a black one to NM because there were a couple of chips. The opening was also very small so I thought it would drive me crazy getting into it. It looks good to me! It doesn't look any different than the one I had except for color.

  13. Did she send you lots of pictures of the lock? Sometimes they look super shiny because of the flash?

    Funny I'm an Isaac's Mom, LOL (spelled differently of course)!

    Last I just received an Ebay bag in the 800 dollar range. Like you I was worried about it being real. So wait and see before you get your back up.;)
  14. ooooopssssssss. Sorry I didn't read all the threads to your original post.

    Your bag is real. Did you return the same color BTW?
  15. It looks good to me! I'm sooooo relieved you didn't get scammed! Now I am going to stop posting in this thread because I feel bad about it, since I know I shouldn't be lengthening this post as it belongs in the authentication thread! (Don't kill me jag! :roflmfao:)