Cross Body Ergo

  1. In the look book too...looked cool. Don't remember any other particulars though.
  2. ooh, I'll have to check this one out. do you remember if it came in the turquoise?
  3. This might be a stupid question but, what is the "look book"?
  4. The Look Book is the red binder they have at the stores that has the pictures of things you can order.

    I don't remember if it came in turquoise, I wish, I love that color.
  5. Was it the tote or hobo?
  6. It's a Cross Body Bag. Similiar to the Legacy Hippie.
  7. That will be interesting! I cannot wait. They said the ergo will not show up until April although they can order them now for you and said you could get them now.
  8. Oh ok....I will check it out tomorrow. I want to order 5 things from the catalog tomorrow. Do they have better pics than the catalog or is it the same as the catalog?
  9. That sounds cool - I'm looking for a cross body bag that's bigger than the swingpack.
  10. In their book it is just a small colored picture with description usually on the back of laminated inserts. They are not real big pictures but decent enough to tell but I could not find the hang length and here it was found on the back while the SA was checking in the computer. Have fun tomorrow. They said or at least this store said they would have things out on Saturday. They did say they would have the water color but they probably would not have the legacy totes and the ergo until April. I really wanted to see the ergo's and try them on so I can decide which bags I really want I will have to rely on pics from our trusty forum women to make judgements but that has been the case all along.
  11. This bag sounds great! Can't wait to see it! I hope it's nice and light (in weight).
  12. I checked this out today. It's $258 and comes in camel, black or white. I couldn't decide so I decided to wait. I'm debating on the black because i could really use this when out with the kids, but wasn't sure I'd carry black in the summer???? I did order the small ergo tote in turquoise and should have it by Friday. I want to see the green hamptons weekend tote before I decide. I'm sure I will succumb on Friday and order it.