Cross Body Day Bag!!!! :nuts:

  1. So awhile ago someone posted a picture of a very chic BBag guy and he had added a scarf to his Day bag to create a cross-body bag. I stored that info in my mental rolodex until I needed it and today was the day.

    I did that to my new Natural Day Bag!! I added a black scarf with peace signs all over it!!

    WOW It is so super cute!!!!!

    I did it with different color scarves. I can't believe show cute it is!!

    Has anyone else done this???

  2. Oh wow have you any pics? I am thinking of getting a day and this would be ideal!!!!
  3. I don't have pics yet.....

    BUT it is awesome because I really wanted a courier but was kind of talked out of it because it didn't "look like me?" but sometimes you just need your hands and arms free so this is perfect.

    Also it looks VERY stylish and when I got to the place I was walking I just used it like a day bag with the scarf hanging off and it was sooooo cute.
  4. Oh wow that sounds just perfect and exactly what im after, i think that day bag will have to be mine now and i will go on a hunt for the perfect scarf! Out of interest how long is your scarf?
  5. I figured out how to wrap handles with my Hermes scarves, and they look sooo pretty. It took me a while with practice to get it right and wrap them tight. But I love the look.
  6. Sounds really interesting... if you do have pics i cant wait to see them b/c i'm having trying visulizing it :p
  7. the scarf I'm using now is 48" long.
  8. You can tease us like this! We demand to see pics! :winkiss:

    J/K - its sounds really cute, though.
  9. I posted that pic! and it looks sooo chic! show us some pics!
  10. Jewelqueen, glad it's working for you!
    One Q tho: are you not worried about our scarf tearing or suffering? Or are you using a very sturdy one?
  11. Okay, I triple the, pllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz....this sounds too good!! (and I cannot, for the life of me visualize ANYTHING!)...need to see....this is a terrific idea!!
  12. It just occurred to me...if you had a Part Time or City bag of the same color, you could attach the strap to the day bag rings...has anyone tried that?
  13. Hi...I've actually done this with my Alexander McQueen scarf..looks veryy cool and the idea of the day as a messenger!
  14. Someone here on tPF reported that she had used a black city or PT strap with a black matelasse on a trip to be hands free! And then I realized that I had a marron PT and a marron matelasse so I could do the same!