Cross-Body Bags

  1. Can Speedy 25 be worn as one??

    uhmm if anybody has a pic reference please postt =]
  2. You could buy the long strap and wear it cross body, but IMHO it looks kinda odd. I actually tried this at the boutique and the bag hangs funny.
  3. ooh THANKS =]
  4. For the price of the long strap, so might as well get a nice accessory, or throw a little more money in and get a LV bag that's designed to be worn across the body. The bags start out pretty low in price anyway.
  5. nicee thankss..
  6. I saw a woman today with cerises worn across teh body and it looked soooo good! I think it was 25, and nicely dark color pachetta.
  7. Try a Drouot - great cross body bag!
  8. I'm thinking of a cross-body bag, and trying to decide between the viva cite pm and a speedy with a strap. Any other cross body bags that aren't too big?
  9. Sologne or Drouot are great for that!
  10. The mussette and the Tulum GM are also cross body bags.

    The tulum can be used as a regular bag too
  11. I have an epi speedy 25 with a long strap that I wear cross body occassionally. It is very convenient if I am out shopping or traveling. I do switch the strap to the other side of the handle on each wear because it appears to even out the wear/misshape on the handles. :smile:
  12. I'm biased because I just bought one and I'm in love with it, but the Musette Salsa with the long strap is an awesome cross-body bag. So convenient and the perfect size. I can't really picture wearing a speedy with a long strap.
  13. The Hudson GM can be a cross-body bag. :smile: But I don't know if you would consider it too big.
  14. How about the Messenger PM Bosphore? It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it on the shoulder or cross body. Here is a pic of me wearing it. I'm 5'7" and I was about 123 lbs when I took this pic...
    LV Messenger Bosphore PM mirror.jpg LV Messenger PM Boshore.jpg
  15. Get the monogram trocadero!! There's 2 sizes to chose from. It's great cos it fits a wallet and a couple of necessities.